Rudy Park

The story of a dotcommer who loses everything and winds up working as the manager of “House of Java” cafe.
Recent Work
Rudy Park is the bedeviled barista at the House of Java cafe, the place where everybody not only knows your name but is all up in your grill. While caffeine-fueled regulars vie for the "Who Can Annoy Rudy the Most" crown, Rudy's boss, Armstrong Maynard — the always-do-well-but-ne'er-do-good owner of HoJ — is often the odds-on favorite. Rudy is a dot-com bust casualty who never fully (not even close) recovered his pre-bust earning power. Still, Rudy is a shopaholic when it comes to every new video gaming system, cellphone, tablet and any other high-tech gadget, or gadget upgrade, that launches. His HoJ customer-slash-nemesis, Sadie, is a proud octogenarian and techno-hater who delights in tutoring Rudy on the superiority of manual typewriters and Morse code. In addition to his wallet woes, Rudy's love-life endures frequent resuscitation attempts by serial-dater Randy, who tries to school Rudy on how to charm the ladies. Emphasis on "tries."

There have been two compilation books — "Rudy Park: The People Must Be Wired" (2003) and "Peace, Love & Lattes: A Rudy Park Collection" (2004).
About the Creator
Rudy Park cartoonist Darrin Bell was born in south-central Los Angeles and grew up in East LA. At a young age, he remembers going along with his mother while she attended classes at Cal State, where he would sit in a corner with some art supplies, quietly sketching.

Bell pursued his degree in political science at the University of California, Berkeley, where he began drawing editorial cartoons for the school newspaper. His award-winning work has also appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Oakland Tribune and on "60 Minutes." Although he took a break from drawing editorial cartoons soon after 9/11, his interest in the medium rekindled and the Writers Group began syndicating them in 2013.

In the late 1990s, Bell formed a partnership with writer Theron Heir and the two launched Rudy Park. Today, Bell both draws and writes the strip. And he's the genius behind daily comic strip Candorville, also syndicated by the Writers Group, which Bell developed shortly after enrolling at Berkeley in 1993.

Bell won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning. He currently lives in Sacramento with his wife and three children.
Meet the Characters

Rudy Park

Rudy Park lost it all - home, car savings, everthing - when the dotcom company he worked for went belly up. Prospectless and penniless, he picked up a "temporary" gig in the booming coffee industry as manager of the "House of Java" cafe. A glorified barista for several years now, Rudy gets no respect from the HoJ regulars, fails to meet women to date, and further drowns in his techno-consumerism.

Armstrong Maynard

Rudy's boss is the scheming, lying, cheating, miserly proprietor of HoJ. And those are just his good points. He puts up with Rudy's shortcomings only because nobody else can put up with Armstrong Maynard.


HoJ's resident octogenarian and Rudy's arch-nemesis. A luddite and proud of it, she hosts her radio show, "Ask Sadie," mostly to hear herself talk and to have an excuse to verbally abuse her loyal listeners.


Randy is a former football pro and current "Don Wannabe." He is Rudy's only source for dating advice (not that Rudy is capable of taking it). While Randy has great instincts for intercepting balls and women, he didn't catch so well when they were handing out brains.

Uncle Mort

Rudy's Uncle Mort is just what the doctor ordered to complement Sadie, for whom Mort has the hots. He is kind, bumbling, naive and a "very clean old man." Though he appears simple, he is actually quick-thinking and a master of reverse psychology.


Rudy's love interest is smart, successful, well-traveled and very busy. In short, not at all interested in Rudy's attempts to get her attention and impress her.