States are moving to penalize 'cyber-flashing'

Sending unwanted nudes online could get you fined or sued.

By Cristiano Lima and Aaron SchafferSeptember 27, 2022

U.N. tech standards race sets up proxy battle between U.S., Russia

U.S. officials are rallying behind an American candidate to lead the International Telecommunications Union.

By Cristiano LimaSeptember 26, 2022

Spotify has a white supremacist problem, watchdog says

At least 40 white supremacist artists are active on the platform, the Anti-Defamation League found.

By Cristiano Lima and Aaron SchafferSeptember 23, 2022

Mozilla report takes aim at tech giants’ grip on web browsers

The release adds to the push for tighter tech regulations.

By Cristiano Lima and Aaron SchafferSeptember 22, 2022

Florida brings battle over social media regulation to Supreme Court

The state attorney general filed a petition with the Supreme Court on Wednesday, after two lower courts split on decisions about social media laws.

By Will Oremus and Cat ZakrzewskiSeptember 21, 2022

Senate Republicans turn up the heat on FTC’s Khan

The prominent big tech critic is facing scrutiny from one-time backers.

By Cristiano Lima and Aaron SchafferSeptember 21, 2022

Trump’s QAnon embrace could pose fresh tests for Silicon Valley

It could embolden the movement on social media.

By Cristiano Lima and Aaron SchafferSeptember 20, 2022

A landmark Supreme Court fight over social media now looks likely

The stakes are high because of the increasingly dominate role platforms such as Twitter and Facebook play in American democracy and elections.

By Robert Barnes and Ann E. MarimowSeptember 19, 2022

How ‘Stop the Steal’ grew its digital playbook from Occupy, Gamergate

In "Meme Wars," researchers trace how fringe internet movements entered the mainstream.

By Cristiano Lima and Aaron SchafferSeptember 19, 2022

Appeals court upholds Texas law regulating social media moderation

The judges ruled that while the First Amendment guarantees every person’s right to free speech, it doesn’t guarantee corporations the right to “muzzle speech.”

By Cat ZakrzewskiSeptember 16, 2022

Crypto skeptics rebuff industry’s public lobbying push

Coinbase is taking the rare step of issuing public ‘crypto sentiment scores.’

By Cristiano Lima and Aaron SchafferSeptember 16, 2022

White House announces tech company efforts to combat violent extremism

The announcements reflect a growing push from the Biden administration to examine the link between online rhetoric and mass shootings.

By Cat ZakrzewskiSeptember 15, 2022

Democrats propose foundation to boost digital equity efforts

New legislation would build on equity initiatives in the landmark infrastructure bill.

By Cristiano Lima and Aaron SchafferSeptember 15, 2022

New California law likely to set off fight over social media moderation

California’s social media transparency law could face challenges from the tech industry, which has sued to block laws on content moderation in some states.

By Cat ZakrzewskiSeptember 14, 2022

What comes next after the Twitter whistleblower hearing

A growing number of lawmakers want to hear from Peiter Zatko — and Twitter's CEO.

By Cristiano Lima and Aaron SchafferSeptember 14, 2022

Racial justice group unveils ‘Black Tech Agenda’ as roadmap for Congress

Democratic Sens. Booker and Warren are endorsing the agenda.

By Cristiano Lima and Aaron SchafferSeptember 13, 2022

Twitter whistleblower exposes limits of FTC’s power

The FTC currently has a staff of about 40 people monitoring compliance with its many hundreds of consent orders across the economy. Current and former officials say it's not enough.

By Cat Zakrzewski and Joseph MennSeptember 12, 2022

What to watch for as Twitter whistleblower testifies to Congress

Former security chief Peiter “Mudge” Zatko will detail claims of security lapses at the tech company.

By Cristiano Lima and Aaron SchafferSeptember 12, 2022

Musk cites $7 million Twitter payout to whistleblower as violation of deal

Musk's lawyers said the payout violated a specific provision of the purchase agreement that barred Twitter from making payments to "service providers" outside ordinary fringe benefits.

By Joseph MennSeptember 9, 2022

Facebook, Instagram a ‘breeding ground’ for crypto scams, Democrats warn

Senators are demanding answers from Meta about its rules for fighting crypto fraud.

By Cristiano Lima and Aaron SchafferSeptember 9, 2022