Antisemitic tweets soared on Twitter after Musk took over, study finds

A new report sheds light on the prevalence of hate speech on the platform.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaMarch 20, 2023

Justice Dept. investigates TikTok parent over potential data-gathering issues

At issue is whether ByteDance violated any laws by inappropriately gathering the data of some users, including journalists who cover tech firms.

By Devlin Barrett and Julian MarkMarch 17, 2023

AI chatbots won’t enjoy tech’s legal shield, Section 230 authors say

Sen. Wyden and former Rep. Cox’s reading would open companies to lawsuits.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaMarch 17, 2023

Biden’s TikTok plan echoes failed Trump bid China called a ‘smash and grab’

The Biden administration’s push to force a sale of TikTok will meet a slew of constitutional and legal hurdles that toppled President Donald Trump’s failed executive order in 2020.

By Drew Harwell and Cat ZakrzewskiMarch 16, 2023

Gigi Sohn speaks out on bitter FCC confirmation brawl for first time

She pulled out after the White House told her she had 'no path forward.'

By Cristiano Lima, Cat Zakrzewski and David DiMolfettaMarch 16, 2023

Biden administration wants TikTok’s Chinese owners to divest

The Biden administration has told TikTok that its Chinese owners must sell their stakes for the app to avoid a U.S. ban.

By Jeff Stein, Cat Zakrzewski, Drew Harwell and Ellen NakashimaMarch 15, 2023

Advocates urge U.S. not to offer ‘Big-Tech-favored terms’ in trade talks

Trade talks in Indonesia are an under-the-radar battleground on tech.

By Cristiano LimaMarch 15, 2023

GOP targets Silicon Valley’s ‘woke’ politics in bank rescue backlash

Aiding the tech industry is politically hazardous, even during economic upheavel.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaMarch 14, 2023

Cicilline says Congress’s antitrust push will triumph, even without him

The House Democrat is stepping down after leaving a major mark on the antitrust debate.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaMarch 13, 2023

Google’s civil rights audit lacked teeth, advocates say

The tech giant released the review after years of pressure.

By Cristiano LimaMarch 10, 2023

House Republicans defend Musk from FTC’s ‘harassment campaign’

The FTC's Twitter probe has earned the ire of House Republicans, who argue the agency is trying to thwart Musk’s absolutist vision of free speech on Twitter.

By Cat ZakrzewskiMarch 9, 2023

Is banning TikTok bad politics? Some U.S. officials think so.

Secretary Raimondo offered a candid take of how it would land with voters.

By Cristiano LimaMarch 9, 2023

Report: Buying drugs on social media nearly as easy as calling an Uber

A report by the Colorado attorney general's office calls the problem "staggering."

By Cristiano LimaMarch 8, 2023

Biden FCC nominee withdraws after a bruising lobbying battle

Gigi Sohn's decision leaves the agency deadlocked -- and Biden's internet promises in limbo

By Cat ZakrzewskiMarch 7, 2023

Republicans cast Biden as weak on China for not banning TikTok

The GOP is putting pressure on the administration's talks with the tech giant.

By Cristiano LimaMarch 7, 2023

FBI, Pentagon helped research facial recognition for street cameras, drones

Hundreds of pages of records chronicle the FBI’s years-long attempt to upgrade its facial recognition capabilities to match those deployed in China and Britain.

By Drew HarwellMarch 7, 2023

Sohn won’t chair FCC if confirmed, White House official says

Republicans have been worried Biden may pull a "bait-and-switch."

By Cristiano LimaMarch 6, 2023

How Google plans to beat back the DOJ's antitrust suit

The tech giant is taking its fight to the public.

By Gerrit De Vynck and David DiMolfettaMarch 3, 2023

The resistance to a TikTok ban is growing in Washington

A crackdown would violate users' free speech rights, advocates warn.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaMarch 2, 2023

AI chatbots may have a liability problem

The Supreme Court stumbled on a futuristic tech debate

By Will Oremus, Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaMarch 1, 2023