The fine would be the largest the agency has ever imposed on a technology company, but the two sides have not yet agreed on an exact amount. Facebook has expressed initial concern with the FTC’s demands, one of the people said. If talks break down, the FTC could take the matter to court in what would likely be a bruising legal fight.

The agency wants to crush unwanted robo-calls and texts as it escalates the war against scammers.

Some lawmakers have slammed the deal as being bad for competition.

Environmental activists and waste experts say the new plastic sacks, which aren’t recyclable in curbside recycling bins, are having a negative effect.

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A landmark law adopted in California last year to rein in the data-collection practices of Facebook, Google and other tech giants has touched off a lobbying blitz that could water it down, potentially undermining new protections that might apply to Internet users across the country.

Sprint alleges that it's already lost business because of the tactic.

Mignon Clyburn could make it a tad more difficult to argue against the deal.

Twitter revealed Thursday it had removed thousands of malicious accounts thought to have originated in Iran, Russia and Venezuela for spreading disinformation online, including previously undisclosed efforts to target the 2018 U.S. midterm election.

As companies including Microsoft and Verizon explore cloud-based gaming, players and businesses alike are nearing the achievement of a longtime dream.

Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft spent a combined $64 million to shape U.S. regulation and stave off government scrutiny in 2018, according to ethics reports filed late Tuesday.

The CEO of Dell joins other business leaders in rejecting higher taxes for the super rich.

An ad-supported service could make Comcast's other businesses even bigger.

The hack may have been the result of a compromised password.

Twitter suspended one of the main accounts behind the viral video, raising more questions about the integrity of social media platforms.

To clamp down on the spread of rumors, WhatsApp is restricting message forwards to five times for users after testing in India indicated it was effective.

The streaming service is ratcheting up its ambition, aiming beyond video.

Airbnb refunded him after initially rejecting his claim that the host failed to disclose the use of two indoor cameras.

Our tech columnist sleeps on a $5,000 Sleep Number 360 smart bed and investigates other sleep tech that’s flooding the market. Does any of it work?

The social network said hundreds of pages had originated in Russia, including a network of accounts that touched on regional weather and sports but actually served as a way for Russian state-owned media to secretly reach social media users.

Over 130 Web security certificates belonging to federal agencies have now expired, making it harder to access online services, researchers say.

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