The new punishment adds to Google’s costly headaches in Europe, where it's now been fined three times for a series of antitrust violations.

President Trump on Tuesday sharply criticized Facebook, Google and Twitter for allegedly censoring conservatives, accusing them of "collusion" and a "hatred they have for a certain group of people who happen to be in power."

Some of the country’s most powerful state attorneys general are signaling they’re willing to take action against Facebook, Google and other tech giants, warning the companies have grown too big and powerful — and that Washington has been too slow to respond.

Federal immigration agents have relied on a nationwide license-plate database to help find and investigate immigrants, according to new documents released by the ACLU.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere acknowledged his company spent nearly $200,000 at the Trump hotel in the months following the announcement that T-Mobile was seeking federal approval to merge with Sprint.

The lawmaker on Monday issued a rare rebuke of the agency, charging that regulators had "failed" to protect consumers and their personal data from abuse.

The senator's proposal to break up Amazon, Google and Facebook is the latest sign that Democrats' affinity to Silicon Valley is coming to an end.

House Democratic lawmakers pressed the Trump administration Thursday on its handling of the AT&T-Time Warner merger, requesting information from the White House and the Justice Department that could shed light on whether President Trump or his allies interfered in regulators’ review of the $85 billion deal.

Members of Congress sharply rebuked Equifax and Marriott on Thursday for failing to protect people’s personal data and prevent two of the largest security breaches in U.S. history, putting hundreds of millions at risk.

The legislation shows there's appetite for a legislative solution. But can Republicans and Democrats find a compromise?

The senator, a candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, argues in an interview that President Trump has turned antitrust action into a political weapon.

Google said Thursday that it would block YouTube users from leaving comments on most videos that feature minors, responding to reports that pedophiles had used the site to find, track and exploit children.

Federal regulators fined social media app — now known as TikTok — $5.7 million for illegally collecting the names, email addresses, pictures and locations of kids under 13, a record for violations of the nation’s child privacy law.

Twitter has permanently suspended Jacob Wohl, a far-right activist who previously tried to fabricate evidence about special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, for creating fake accounts in an attempt to try to manipulate the 2020 presidential election.

Congressional Democrats embarked Tuesday on a wide-ranging campaign to probe Facebook, Google and their peers in the tech industry, a new burst of oversight that could bring heightened attention to some of Silicon Valley’s controversial business practices.

The decision is a big defeat for the Justice Department's top antitrust chief, Makan Delrahim.

Employees demanded that the company cancel a contract to supply its augmented-reality headsets to the Army, warning in a letter that putting HoloLens in the military’s hands could “help people kill."

The Federal Trade Commission is under pressure to issue a steep fine and other sharp penalties against Facebook to prove that it’s able to keep Silicon Valley in check, privacy advocates and congressional lawmakers say.

Lawmakers on Sunday said Facebook had "violated both data privacy and anti-competition laws" in the country, stressing that the U.K. government should open investigations into the social media giant's business practices.

The fine would be the largest the agency has ever imposed on a technology company, but the two sides have not yet agreed on an exact amount. Facebook has expressed initial concern with the FTC’s demands, one of the people said. If talks break down, the FTC could take the matter to court in what would likely be a bruising legal fight.

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