AI’s steep costs are already triggering competition concerns

They could serve as a barrier for competitors, antitrust advocates say.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaJune 6, 2023

A well-known anti-vaccine activist is regaining his social media megaphone

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is back on Instagram after announcing a White House run.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaJune 5, 2023

California assembly passes journalism bill, brushing off Meta’s threat

“It shows that we didn’t blink," said Assemblymember Buffy Wicks.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaJune 2, 2023

Russia says thousands of iPhones were hacked, blames U.S. and Apple

Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab said the campaign had implanted file-stealing malware on iPhones running a year-old version of Apple’s mobile operating system but that it didn't have data to blame anyone.

By Joseph MennJune 1, 2023

Kids safety advocates take social media fight to the boardroom

A top advocate spoke in favor of a failed Meta shareholder proposal.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaJune 1, 2023

Meta threatens to block news in California over journalism bill

Meta is threatening to block users from sharing news articles on its social media networks in protest of a bill that aims to force tech companies to pay publishers for content.

By Naomi Nix and Cristiano LimaMay 31, 2023

How the FCC may be forced to grapple with AI, too

The FCC has jurisdiction over radio, TV and satellites, but artificial intelligence could soon be on its horizon.

By David DiMolfetta and Cristiano LimaMay 31, 2023

Biden's former tech adviser on what Washington is missing about AI

Tim Wu outlines his do’s and don'ts of AI regulation.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaMay 30, 2023

OpenAI embraced regulation— until talks got serious in Europe

A week after encouraging U.S. regulation, CEO Sam Altman is threatening to leave Europe.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaMay 26, 2023

Microsoft won over Washington. A new AI debate tests its president.

Microsoft president Brad Smith learned to work with D.C. Now a brewing debate over AI regulation is testing his well-worn playbook.

By Cat ZakrzewskiMay 25, 2023

Musk gives DeSantis a Twitter boost, breaking another tech norm

The Twitter chief hosted the Florida governor's presidential launch.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaMay 25, 2023

U.S. says Chinese hackers breached gear in Guam, key to Pacific defense

The intruders could be laying the groundwork to disrupt communications between North America and Asia in the event of a military confrontation, according to researchers at Microsoft.

By Joseph MennMay 24, 2023

Google is failing to uphold post-Roe privacy pledge, Democrats say

They cite a Post investigation finding the tech giant is retaining sensitive data.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaMay 24, 2023

These lawmakers say Montana’s TikTok ban likely won’t stick

The law may violate the First Amendment, they argue.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaMay 23, 2023

Biden nominates telecom veteran to FCC in bid to overcome stalemate

Anna Gomez is President Biden's latest pick in the hope of gaining a Democratic majority on the Federal Communications Commission.

By Cristiano LimaMay 22, 2023

Lawmakers convene hearing on AM radio phaseout

The move could prevent Americans from receiving emergency notifications and stifle political discourse, lawmakers say

By David DiMolfettaMay 22, 2023

Supreme Court ruling in Twitter, Google cases puts Congress in bind

The Supreme Court has effectively put pressure back on Congress to settle concerns about Section 230, the tech industry's liability shield.

By Cristiano LimaMay 19, 2023

Supreme Court ruling in Twitter, Google cases puts Congress in bind

By not weighing in on the law, lawmakers are left to settle their concerns.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaMay 19, 2023

Big Tech rivals enter fight over U.S. digital trade

Proton, Yelp and other companies are sounding off on the tech giants influencing talks.

By Cristiano LimaMay 18, 2023

This lawmaker stands out for his AI expertise. Can he help Congress?

With a graduate degree in computer science, Obernolte has emerged as a leading expert in Congress on how AI works and what lawmakers should worry about.

By Julian MarkMay 17, 2023