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Zoom, Facebook, Google and Amazon share how they're preparing for the holiday week

The company is hiring more content moderators as it enters new territory.

Some early research indicates the technology could be key to the coronavirus response.

Like other Silicon Valley CEOs, Aaron Levie has been a public critic of Trump's approach to immigration.

President-elect Joe Biden and top congressional Democrats are laying the groundwork to seek a massive increase in federal broadband spending next year, hoping they can secure billions of dollars in new government aid to improve internet access and affordability -- and help people stay online during the pandemic.

State and federal investigators are preparing to bring antitrust charges against Facebook that will challenge the tech giant’s acquisition of two rivals, Instagram and WhatsApp, alleging that the deals helped create an anti-competitive social networking juggernaut that has left users with few quality alternatives.

Their letter highlights the divide between Facebook's contractors and full-time employees.

Apple will pay $113 million to settle an investigation by nearly three dozen states into the tech giant’s past practice of slowing customers’ old iPhones in an attempt to preserve their batteries.

Both parties plan to continue their political scrutiny of tech giants, but it's unclear where it will lead.

Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg are expected to receive a public lashing from both parties

Tech companies recent moves to limit misinformation are increasing tensions

The incoming president is expected to hold a hard line on most matters, though he is likely to enlist more support from international allies and maintain more consistent policies than the ones Trump sometimes announced, and rescinded, via tweet.

The president will no longer have special protections afforded to elected officials. But a 2024 run could change that.

The White House continued to push an economic decoupling with China by banning certain U.S. investments in companies linked to Chinese military

The companies initially forecast the bans would last about a week. But now they could continue into December.

It was the top new Apple app download over the weekend.

Two years after the E.U.'s biggest rulings against Google, very little competition has emerged, something U.S. government lawyers are carefully scrutinizing as their own antitrust lawsuit against the tech giant moves through court.

Companies prepared for misinformation during the election. They haven't announced plans for this precarious lame duck period.

Biden's early executive orders will benefit the industry. But there are many unknowns about how he will handle antritrust or social media.

Trump's all-caps attacked the integrity of the vote, alleging "BAD THINGS" had occurred despite having failed to present any evidence of electoral fraud. Within minutes, Twitter appended a label to the president's tweet, claiming it is "disputed," but it did not take any action to prevent tens of thousands of users from re-sharing it widely.

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