Uber is expected to release its second quarter earnings today.

Trump fires two members of the board of the TVA, a quasi-independent utility that uses no federal money but whose directors are chosen for overlapping terms by the president. Trump cited the utility's plan to use outside firms for technology contracting, eliminating 112 jobs.

TikTok pledged Wednesday it will allow U.S. regulators and privacy skeptics to take a closer look under its digital hood, offering them the ability to "examine" its underlying software code in response to claims it is handing off data to the Chinese government.

The tech industry's four most powerful chief executives will take the witness stand, swear an oath and submit to a harsh grilling from House lawmakers, who have been probing the web's most recognizable names to determine if they have become too big and powerful.

U.S. officials and scientists called building a quantum Internet one of the most important technological frontiers of the 21st century.

That has massive implications for politics and the corporate world.

But changes to privacy laws are anything but guaranteed in Washington.

The social app is as the center of the president’s anti-China push.

Schools are considering everything from contact-tracing apps to facial recognition.

A civil rights leader is calling on more companies to follow Facebook’s lead.

A civil rights audit released today was not kind to the company.

Getaround, BarkBox, MetroMile and IronNet are among the companies that confirmed they received loans.

The bizarre event highlighted how apparent falsehoods on social media can catalyze volatile and dangerous offline behavior.

They want Facebook to allow independent audits of misinformation and hate speech.

Universities are evolving their approach as the industry’s troubles pile up.

Trump can still find an online audience -- and his campaign is collecting app downloads in response.

The Trump administration is calling on Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants to take action against posts that call for people to break curfews, commit violent acts and topple statues in connection with racial-justice protests nationwide, describing such content as “criminal activity” that puts Americans’ security at risk.

Their recommendations include “Beloved” and “It’s About Damn Time”

It’s one of several proposals to reform the tech industry’s prized legal shield.

Researchers say the online anti-government movement has a direct connection to recent IRL violence.

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