L.A. County is about to challenge the voting machine industry

The U.S. government is forging ahead with its review of online platforms for potential competition concerns, coordinating with state attorneys general and signaling it could soon send document demands to Silicon Valley and its critics.

Facebook will allow users to see the mass of businesses, apps and other groups that collect data about them across the Web and pass it on to the social media giant — but the data won’t be deleted.

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Amy Klobuchar says Congress needs to act now.

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The search giant faces criticism across the political spectrum.

Not everyone is going to receive the money they might have expected out of a settlement between Equifax and state and federal regulators over its 2017 security breach -- and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is asking why.

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Marsha Blackburn has some ideas.

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Moscow weaponized previous news events to sow division among Americans.

The technology could serve as an early-warning system for potential attacks, White House officials proposed at the brainstorming session, perhaps compiling information from across social sites to identify attacks before they happen

The White House has invited tech giants including Facebook, Google and Twitter to a discussion Friday about the rise of violent online extremism, one of the Trump administration’s first major engagements on the issue despite years of warnings that racial and ethnic animus on social media is linked to some of the country’s deadliest attacks.

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