Droplr takes the hassle out of file sharing

There’s no reason that file sharing should be difficult. With Droplr, users can easily upload and share files by e-mail or over social networks with just a drag, drop and click.

On a Mac, Droplr integrates right into the menu bar and lets you store up to 1 GB of information, as long as the files are below 25 MB per file. On Windows, the app goes into the system tray. The size limitation means the application isn’t ideal for sharing large pictures or complex illustrations, but it makes it a snap to share smaller files and notes. If you have a link to share, you even can compose a quick note on the app and pass it along via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook or the Droplr site.

Drop1r app for iPhone (app store)

There’s also a pro edition of the app, for $30 a year, that will give you more storage space (100GB) and a higher file cap (1GB), as well as an iPhone app that lets you tap your photo and video library for items to share. Free, for Mac, Windows and iOS devices. Paid version is $30 a year.

Hayley Tsukayama