OmmWriter is a staple for those who want to take the distraction out of writing, and its app is particularly good for cutting away the clutter of word-processing programs on the iPad and the Mac. Similar to other apps such as iAWriter, OmmWriter offers a full-screen, very simple writing environment meant to keep your mind off the seven million other things happening on your desktop. On the iPad, the app’s custom keyboard is a welcome change from the standard offering, and users can adjust the keyboard’s position to suit their tastes.

While OmmWriter tries to eliminate distractions, it also has a custom background and keyboard noises that could prove a bit too distracting. Users can easily turn those noises off and write in silence. The iPad version is a bit pricey for those who don’t write much. There’s a stripped-down free version for the Mac, though it requires registration. $4.99 for the iPad, $1.99 for the Mac.

The Ommwriter app for iPad and Macs. (App store)

Hayley Tsukayama