Apple’s latest MacBook Pro is fielding more complaints — and this time that it is quite noisy.

MacBook Pro users have taken to Apple’s help forums and MacRumors to complain that their new computers are making what they describe as “crackling” or “distorted” noises when playing audio. The problem doesn’t seem to be an issue with the speakers, as the defect shows up whether playing sound through the speakers or through headphones.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

“It sounded literally like scratching a record, it wasn’t like a background crackle or anything — it completely distorted the audio,” wrote one user on MacRumors' forums.

Others posted that they’ve asked Apple’s support team about the issue but have not found a fix for the issue.

The latest version of the MacBook Pro was launched in July and has been dogged with complaints since its launch. Apple last month released a fix for the MacBook Pro over reports that its software to prevent the computers from getting too warm was severely affecting performance. It has also taken grief from Apple fans who wanted to see a redesigned keyboard on the laptops to replace the shallow “butterfly” mechanism on the MacBook Pro’s super-slim keyboard. Versions of the keyboard have been prone to breaking when it comes in contact with dust or sand. Apple has added a silicon barrier under each key — which the company says is to reduce noise while typing — but hasn’t changed the overall design.

Apple reported last month that it sold 13 percent fewer Macs from the same quarter last year. Last quarter’s earnings did not include the launch of the new MacBook Pro. Market research firm TrendForce reported in August that Apple is the world’s fifth-largest laptop manufacturer and expects to increase its numbers by double digits off sales of the new MacBook Pro.