Apple spokesman Fred Sainz defended the company’s involvement in efforts to pass privacy legislation:

“We believe privacy is a fundamental human right and is at the core of what it means to be an American. To that end, we advocate for strong federal legislation that protects everyone regardless of which state they may live. Accordingly, the bulk of our advocacy is at the federal level. We understand the frustration at the state level — we are frustrated too — but this topic is so important we need to be united across America.

“We have been clear that we think any law should be grounded in four principles: the right to have personal data minimized or not collected at all; the right to know what customer data is being collected and what for; the right of users to get a copy of their data, correct and delete it; and finally, the right to safeguarding personal data through strong security. We have advocated for these protections publicly and consistently in over a hundred meetings with lawmakers across the country.

“We would be the first to say we can do more and constantly challenge ourselves to do so. We have offered to help write the legislation and reiterate this offer. We do not believe however in having a company PAC or in using company funds to donate to any political candidate and have no intention of ever doing so.”