Buying more lives in your favorite mobile game or re-upping your subscription to a personal finance tracker app could soon be cheaper.

A federal judge in California ruled Friday on a hotly anticipated court case involving Apple, Fortnite-maker Epic Games and allegations that Apple was abusing its market power. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers said that the court could not conclude that Apple could be considered a monopolist — but she also issued a separate order that will make it easier to pay outside its systems.

Gonzalez Rogers said Apple must allow app developers to let users know about other ways to pay inside their apps, separate from just paying through Apple’s payment system directly.

If the order takes effect, it could mean app users see more options to pay and might even see prices drop.

Here are five things to know about the decision.

What to know

  • How will I buy things in apps now?
  • Will this make my app purchases cheaper?
  • When do the changes happen?
  • How will this change the way I download apps on my iPhone?
  • Does this mean Fortnite is coming back to the App Store?