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Help Desk Quick Fix: How to back up your phone before you lose it

Not sure how to save your phone’s data elsewhere? Our quick guide can help.

(Brian Monroe/The Washington Post)

The more time you spend fussing with the gadgets, apps and services in your life, the less you get to spend actually living it.

Your time is precious — a fact made even clearer by everything we’ve gone through during the last few years of the pandemic. That’s why we’ve created the Help Desk Quick Fix, a series of short video guides to help you navigate some of the technology problems you encounter in your everyday life.

Our first installment deals with an important topic most people don’t spend enough time thinking about: backing up the data stored on your smartphone. Maybe you’re finally treating yourself to a new phone and want to pick up right where you left off. Or maybe you want to make sure you never lose any precious photos, which happens far more frequently than anyone likes to admit. No matter the reason, it’s crucial that you make sure all the essential data on your phone is saved somewhere else just in case.

The Washington Post's Help Desk reporter Chris Velazco shows you the best and quickest ways to back up your iPhone. (Video: Jonathan Baran/The Washington Post)
The Washington Post's Help Desk reporter Chris Velazco shows you the best and quickest ways to back up your Android devices. (Video: Jonathan Baran/The Washington Post)

And that’s just the start. We’ll continue to create these guides for the other facets of technology we cover, from your data and privacy to the ethical issues our products, apps and services present. Most of all, we want to help you figure out how to fix the tech issues that haunt you.

If you’ve run into a tech quandary, let us know by sending an email to or submitting your issue through this form. We’re here to help — just let us know how.

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