Twitter’s paid verification service is here. What you need to know.

A coveted check mark will cost $7.99 a month for most

A twitter verification badge with a price tag on it
(Emma Kumer/The Washington Post)
9 min

The first big new Twitter feature under Elon Musk is here, but it will cost you.

The company on Wednesday released its much talked about revamped Twitter Blue subscription service for $7.99 a month. Its flagship feature is a signature check mark in blue next to your account name, which was previously free to notable accounts whose identity had been verified by the company.

The rushed rollout has led to a confusing hierarchy of check marks on the site, uncertainty about which ones will be taken away, and attempts at impersonation and scams. Musk has indicated there could be more tests and changes in the future.

Whether you use social media site or not, the change could have broader implications for everything from misinformation to elections. Here’s everything thing you need to know about the change in how Twitter verifies users.

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