Researchers say scream-sensing drones might one day play a role in disaster response.

Goodyear is among several tire makers including Continental, Bridgestone and Pirelli to work on smart tires with embedded sensors.

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, dogecoin and ethereum have risen in popularity in recent years, bringing along new terminology and concepts that can be tough to visualize and troubling to understand.

The new technology for the Army combines night-vision goggles, thermal imagery and augmented reality.

The social networking company says its cropping algorithm created "unequal treatment based on demographic differences."

Drone startups say they are set up to handle temperature-controlled medicines and vaccines in the U.S. amid the ongoing pandemic.

IBM's two-nanometer test microchip might power smartphones and autonomous cars in the decade ahead.

You can order medical-grade air purifiers that are FDA-approved against the coronavirus.

Nextiles, Apple and Samsung are among several companies holding patents for computerized clothing.

Wingcopter says its latest drone might deliver more packages faster than the competition.

Neurable, NextMind, Facebook and other tech firms are working to develop computer devices that you control with your thoughts.

The United Nations, in partnership with a company called Remesh, is leveraging artificial intelligence to drive peacekeeping initiatives in war-ravaged countries like Libya.

Agtech firms are creating more smart machines to replace people on the farm.

FitXR launched a subscription plan to its virtual gym with the idea that at-home fitness is here to stay.

Blue Origin completed its fifteenth rocket flight to the edge of space hoping to welcome private passengers onboard "soon."

NASA's historic attempt to operate a helicopter on the Red Planet for the first time is postponed. The situation is "fluid."

Researchers in Australia think lizard-inspired robots might one day assist with search and rescue missions.

University of Georgia researchers created a backpack system to help the blind understand their surroundings.

Robots can perform chores inside the lab, but bringing them into your home is much more complicated.

The social media company is working on a device that reacts to brain impulses.

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