Inside Ukraine’s new start-up life: Hallways, closets, bunkers

Nearly thee months into the war, the country’s startup community is trying to rebound back to life, but they’re still stuck in a war zone.

By Pranshu VermaMay 21, 2022

AI may be searching you for guns the next time you go out in public

A Massachusetts company says it could help stop shootings like the Tops massacre in Buffalo. Its surveillance product is increasingly popular — and, critics say, problematic.

By Steven ZeitchikMay 20, 2022

Inside the race for a car battery that charges fast — and won’t catch fire

Amid rising gas prices and climate change, car giants are in a fierce contest to perfect the solid-state battery, long viewed as a "holy grail" for electric vehicles.

By Pranshu VermaMay 18, 2022

Crypto prices are tumbling. The future is murky.

Cryptocurrencies' prices have tumbled to near-historic lows, leaving experts to wonder what’s next for these digital assets.

By Pranshu VermaMay 13, 2022

Elon Musk wants ‘free speech’ on Twitter. But for whom?

Elon Musk wants to turn Twitter into a free-speech haven. But he's thrown Twitter’s content moderation policies in question, leaving experts to wonder what the platform will look like in the future and who will suffer most.

By Pranshu VermaMay 6, 2022

Meet the Reddit ‘Aunties’ covertly helping people get abortions

Reddit "Aunties" are helping people covertly get abortions. The group offers a glimpse into a post-Roe era where people resort to informal networks to assist those needing to terminate a pregnancy.

By Pranshu VermaMay 4, 2022

Why Neuralink, not Twitter, is Elon Musk’s biggest challenge

Even as he touts his social media prize, it’s the titan’s closely held brain-based start-up that carries some of his biggest boasts — and largest burdens.

By Steven ZeitchikMay 3, 2022

Insomnia, addiction, depression: The dark side of life trading crypto

Crytpo was going to make them rich. Instead, therapists say they are seeing a rise in people who became depressed and addicted.

By Pranshu VermaApril 29, 2022

Locked down, Shanghai residents skirt censorship to vent online

Social media posts paint a dire picture of life in Shanghai under lockdown. We ask a human rights expert how the government might respond.

By Pranshu VermaApril 22, 2022

Your next sexual harassment training could be in virtual reality

Virtual-reality firms promise to bring empathy to harassment training. But experts worry it could trigger survivors and do little to change bad behavior.

By Pranshu VermaApril 19, 2022

The military wants ‘robot ships’ to replace sailors in battle

The program is a direct response to countries like China, which have been building sophisticated missile technology to target ships that approach their shores. But experts warn the autonomous ships could fuel an AI naval arms race and have difficulty replicating a sailor’s workload.

By Pranshu VermaApril 14, 2022

Meet the 1,300 librarians racing to back up Ukraine’s digital archives

Over the past month, 1,300 librarians and archivists across the world, have used open source tools to back up everything from Ukraine's historical records and census data to children’s poems and Ukrainian basket weaving techniques.

By Pranshu VermaApril 8, 2022

Will Smith’s slap became crypto. Inside the wild world of memecoins.

Once considered a humorous version of cryptocurrency, memecoins are now rife with scams, critics say, making it a particularly dangerous product.

By Pranshu VermaApril 6, 2022

This snakelike robot slithers down your lungs and could spot cancer

Researchers in the United Kingdom have developed an autonomous, snakelike robot that could slither down human lungs into places that are difficult to reach, potentially improving the detection and treatment of lung cancer or other pulmonary diseases.

By Pranshu VermaApril 1, 2022

The military wants AI to replace human decision-making in battle

DARPA, the innovation arm of the U.S. military, wants artificial intelligence to make battlefield medical decisions, raising red flags from some experts and ethicists.

By Pranshu VermaMarch 29, 2022

Exploding ‘kamikaze’ drones are ushering in a new era of warfare in Ukraine

Drones that can dive bomb a target and explode on impact, sometimes without human control, are showing up on both sides of the Ukraine conflict. Experts say the weapons are here to stay.

By Gerrit De Vynck,  Pranshu Verma and Jonathan Baran March 24, 2022

The rise of the Twitter spies

The war in Ukraine has turned ordinary Twitter users into hobbyist intelligence analysts. These war sleuths could impact who’s held accountable for the conflict, or bring danger to those living through it.

By Pranshu VermaMarch 23, 2022

The future of warfare could be a lot more grisly than Ukraine

More than 1,200 miles from Kyiv, a battle is playing out over autonomous weapons. Experts say the stakes are even higher than the Russian invasion.

By Steven ZeitchikMarch 12, 2022

Tech ads at the Super Bowl offered a shiny — or is it dark? — vision of the future

Depending on your point of view, the future the ads portrayed is either a great change to be excited about or one to greatly fear.

By Steven ZeitchikFebruary 14, 2022

The NFL on display this Super Bowl will seem like a crypto-happy league. It’s anything but.

Despite what viewers will see advertised during the Super Bowl, the NFL has largely prohibited its teams from involvement with cryptocurrency, unlike the NBA.

By Steven ZeitchikFebruary 11, 2022