Elon Musk wants to put chips in human brains. That could take a while.

Elon Musk says Neuralink's brain chip is about six months from human trials.

By Pranshu VermaDecember 1, 2022

Meta’s new AI is skilled at a ruthless, power-seeking game

The model is adept at forethought, negotiation and trickery. One expert called it "super scary."

By Pranshu VermaDecember 1, 2022

Sam’s Club’s AI knows how much pumpkin pie you’ll eat this holiday

The artificial intelligence uses a wide variety of data, like local temperatures and whether the Sunday football game is home or away.

By Pranshu VermaNovember 24, 2022

This World Cup is wired and fueled by AI

At the 2022 World Cup, everything from stadium temperatures to the soccer balls are run on sensors and algorithms.

By Pranshu VermaNovember 21, 2022

Can Big Tech’s layoffs help mitigate climate change?

Layoffs are ravaging Big Tech, and it’s creating an unexpected boon for certain climate firms.

By Pranshu Verma, Danielle Abril and Shannon OsakaNovember 19, 2022

The racing drone that could kill

The Israeli-made Lanius is a tiny racing drone that can scout and kill enemies using artificial intelligence. It’s a nightmare scenario for weapons critics.

By Pranshu VermaNovember 18, 2022

From nuclear power to bamboo: The climate solutions at COP27

As leaders gather in Egypt for the United Nations climate summit, several climate change solutions are gaining traction.

By Pranshu VermaNovember 11, 2022

Immigrant groups face ‘impossible’ job of fighting election lies on apps

Non-english language election lies are on messaging apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat. Groups are using tech-savvy methods to stop it, but they’re overmatched.

By Pranshu VermaNovember 7, 2022

Celestial second fiddle no more, China completes its space station

The completion of China's space station could cement Beijing's status as a celestial superpower -- and threaten U.S. dominance in space.

By Pranshu VermaNovember 5, 2022

They traded Twitter for Mastodon Social. Now what?

People are swapping Twitter for a tech-savvy replacement called Mastodon Social. But when they get there, many are underwhelmed and craving another alternative.

By Pranshu VermaNovember 5, 2022

Winter ice storms wreak havoc. Could penguins be the solution?

Canadian researchers have created a wired mesh inspired by Gentoo penguin feathers to naturally shed ice off surfaces and stave off the havoc that ice storms bring.

By Pranshu VermaOctober 29, 2022

This chip transmits an internet’s worth of data every second

The laser-powered chip could mean faster broadband speeds for consumers and an internet that requires less electricity to run.

By Pranshu VermaOctober 27, 2022

Reporting in Iran could get you jailed. This outlet is doing it anyway.

As protests shake up Iran, the digital news outlet Iran Wire is providing critical insight into the revolt

By Pranshu VermaOctober 22, 2022

There’s a new tool to help blow up asteroids

Researchers from MIT and Stanford have created a tool that could improve the aim of future planetary defense missions.

By Pranshu VermaOctober 21, 2022

The online guide Russians use to escape Putin’s war

Many Russians want no part of Putin’s war, so they’re using this online community to plan every detail of their escape

By Pranshu VermaOctober 15, 2022

The next U.S. battle tank could use AI to identify targets

The AbramsX is the largest redesign of U.S. military tanks since the Cold War, but its approval faces an uphill climb in the Pentagon

By Pranshu VermaOctober 12, 2022

Meet Cassie, the Usain Bolt of robots

Cassie holds the Guinness world record for fastest 100 meter dash for a bipedal robot, paving the way for robots to become more lifelike

By Pranshu VermaOctober 8, 2022

Cyborg cockroaches are coming, and they just want to help

Robotic engineers are scouring the insect world for inspiration, and creating machines that could be used for emergency response, farming and energy.

By Pranshu VermaOctober 8, 2022

If a Google billionaire can’t make flying cars happen, can anyone?

A secretive air-taxi startup backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, is winding down, underscoring how difficult it will be to get electric-powered flying cars and planes.

By Pranshu VermaOctober 1, 2022

This jet suit could make you fly like Iron Man if you are rich

British company Gravity makes a jet suit people can purchase for a hefty sum.

By Pranshu VermaSeptember 28, 2022