Women have long felt the pressure of looking the part. Now men are feeling it, too.

Walmart, the nation's largest employer, announced a partnership with Nuro, a Silicon Valley startup called this week. The two companies will begin delivering groceries to customers in Houston this year using autonomous vehicles.

Boston Dynamics began began leasing their robotic dogs to the public this year. One of their first customers: The Massachusetts State Police.

Robots are showing up in more and more hotels all over the world. A Washington Post reporter's video captures what it's like to interact with one.

Ford Motor has unveiled the Mustang Mach-E, an all-electric sport utility vehicle that the company claims will have a range of at least 230 miles.

For months now, Nuro’s robotically piloted vehicles have been quietly delivering groceries to restaurants and homes around Houston, the vehicles’ sensors mapping the city as they go.

Fordham University business students are using virtual reality to prepare them for boardrooms.

As fires tear across California, a Silicon Valley technology company believes artificial intelligence could be the key to preventing them in the future.

NBC has rolled out a new feature that allows people to shop while they watch television, but a question remains: will anybody use it?

A Canadian grocery chain says its introducing a fleet of intelligent grocery carts that scan and weigh products as customers place them in the cart.

A British firm claims it has been hired by a mysterious robotics company to find the perfect face for a new fleet of humanoid robots.

The goal, researchers say, was to create a robot that learns the way humans do — through trial and error. Eventually, those robots could be used to complete tasks — in a warehouse or perhaps on the surface of a new planet — with more autonomy.

A new robot from a Boston start-up is designed to make walking easier by carrying your belongings for you.

Researchers at Caltech have unveiled a complex new robot with the ability move between flight and walking on two legs. The machine unique design was inspired by birds.

How do you help millions of passengers navigate one of the world's largest airports? In Turkey, the answer is a fleet of humanoid robots.

RS Automotive will become the first service station in the nation to completely convert their equipment from offering gasoline to 100 percent electric power.

Three years ago it was barely walking. Now, Atlas, the humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics is performing gymnastic routines that mimic professional athletes.

The SeaBubble is a new form of urban transportation that could offer Parisians a watery alternative to hailing a taxi, driving a car or hopping on an electric scooter.

To help law enforcement officers resolve emergency situations, one company has created empathy training based in virtual reality.

The “digital divide” is back in the news, with both Democratic presidential candidates and incumbent government officials promising billions to provide high-speed Internet to millions of Americans in rural areas who don’t currently have access to it at home. The digital divide, however, is not a rural problem.

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