Hyundai's joint venture with Aptiv is testing driverless cars on public streets. A fleet of robotaxis could soon follow.

Assistive technology start-ups are gaining traction with hopes to make wheelchairs smarter.

In an age of telemedicine, doctors are turning to virtual patients powered by artificial intelligence to learn how to better interact with real people.

Companies envision a future where employees collaborate via 3-D holograms.

The robotics lab is enhancing its flagship robot to complete more tasks in hazardous work sites.

We’re living through an artificial intelligence revolution that’s unlocking new ways for companies to replicate humans.

Kroger is introducing smart shopping carts as a way to encourage social distancing.

Ford's e-scooter division is rolling out scooters that can automatically re-park out of the pathway of pedestrians within seconds.

SAVRPak says its peel-and-stick packets can extend food’s shelf life by 50 percent.

Seoul Robotics and Intel’s Mobileye among firms at CES 2021 with new 3-D technology to support autonomous cars and smarter big cities.

Bicycle, e-scooter and auto companies are developing a bicycle-to-vehicle communication technology to make roads safer for riders.

A start-up in Tampa has patented software that displays what you would look like if you were to drop a few pounds or pack on some muscle while you work out.

A growing number of malls, airports and hotels have spurred demand for anti-contamination robots during the pandemic, and more are on the way.

A research team at Oxford University in the United Kingdom has published a study on a novel scientific process that would transform carbon dioxide in the air into an alternative jet fuel that could power existing aircraft.

A subsidiary of Harvard-backed BrainCo is trying out its prosthetics as it awaits FDA approval.

Each new Spin e-scooter will come with a black box housing a sensor and camera system that uses artificial intelligence to identify sidewalks, streets and bike lanes.

Digitizing musicians may be the next step in a concert-deprived world.

Boston Dynamics is widely recognized for pioneering the field of agile robots that are inspired by animals. Hyundai said acquiring Boston Dynamics will enhance its plan for autonomous vehicles and “smart factories."

The devices are used in homes throughout the United States, utilizing technology shown in studies to kill airborne viruses within enclosed spaces.

In January, Department of Defense contractor Ghost Robotics will unleash four semi-autonomous robots at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida as part of a plan to replace stationary surveillance cameras.

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