How Evil Geniuses is using data analytics to change esports

The Washington Post spoke with Nicole LaPointe Jameson, chief executive of Evil Geniuses, to discuss EG’s master plan to bring big data to esports.

By Jhaan ElkerJune 29, 2022

In letter to board, Enthusiast leadership asks CEO to step down

Four executives at the publicly traded esports and gaming company requested that the board of directors ask CEO Adrian Montgomery to resign.

By Mikhail KlimentovJune 29, 2022

In ‘Hindsight,’ players explore memories and come to terms with grief

In “Hindsight,” processing grief is one of the game’s central themes.

By Alyse StanleyJune 29, 2022

Sony targets PC gamers with new hardware brand, Inzone

Sony plans to win over PC gamers with competitively priced monitors and headsets.

By Shannon LiaoJune 28, 2022

The AI tool behind Thanos made facial animation in ‘The Quarry’ a snap

The reason the characters looked so alive stems from AI and an evolution of motion-capture tools.

By Alyse StanleyJune 28, 2022

Evil Geniuses wants data, not money, to determine success in esports

"I could totally buy the best ‘Counter-Strike’ team tomorrow. ... That doesn’t meant I know how to build a good ‘Counter-Strike’ operation."

By Teddy AmenabarJune 28, 2022

‘Warzone’ Fortune’s Keep map tips: Loadouts, easter eggs and cash

After scoring some wins on Fortune's Keep, here are some tips to help you find good fortune on the gorgeous new "Warzone" map.

By Hawken MillerJune 27, 2022

Video game industry on the end of Roe: I’m ‘not proud to be an American’

Streamers, game developers and brands that reach millions of young people expressed frustration and disappointment over the Supreme Court's ruling.

By Teddy AmenabarJune 24, 2022

Kyle Rittenhouse announces video game to fund media defamation suits

“Kyle Rittenhouse is raising funds to sue the left-wing media organizations for defamation and now you can help,” reads the game's website.

By Mikhail KlimentovJune 23, 2022

‘F1 22’ roars into a new era with revamped cars and overhauled physics

The game developers revamped "F1 22's" physics engine, fine-tuning it until the 3D cars were registering lap times identical to their real-life counterparts.

By Gregory LeporatiJune 23, 2022

The man who saved Final Fantasy is forging its future with ‘FFXVI’

Yoshida is incorporating the lessons he took away from revitalizing “FFXIV” into “FFXVI’s” design philosophy

By Jhaan ElkerJune 21, 2022

Red Bull Racing suspends Juri Vips for use of racial slur on Twitch

In a statement on Instagram, Vips apologized and said he would cooperate with Red Bull’s investigation.

By Teddy AmenabarJune 21, 2022

Activision Blizzard shareholders vote for public harassment report

The shareholders also approved the company’s proposed executive compensation packages.

By Shannon LiaoJune 21, 2022

‘Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes’ is a grind series fans will enjoy

“Three Hopes” would be a dissatisfying title if it were enjoyed on its merits alone. Thankfully, it’s a game totally designed for eager fans.

By Shannon LiaoJune 21, 2022

Twitch ad update offers some streamers big money, others pocket change

Streamers have struggled to understand Twitch's new ad system, which pays some streamers handsomely and shortchanges others.

By Nathan GraysonJune 20, 2022

A reporter’s FOIA request scored details on EA Sports College Football

EA Sports is on track to release its next college football game next summer, according to public records.

By Teddy AmenabarJune 17, 2022

‘Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’ shown during 25th Anniversary stream

While there was little gameplay and no combat shown, the livestream confirmed that a third game will be coming after “Rebirth.”

By Jonathan ElkerJune 16, 2022

The best video games of 2022 so far

These are the best games of 2022, so far, on mobile, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox, starting with Wordle and Elden Ring.

By Washington Post Editors and ReviewersJune 16, 2022

‘Overwatch 2’ to go free to play, with three to four new heroes per year

The game director for "Overwatch 2" said the team plans to release updates "frequently and consistently in perpetuity."

By Teddy AmenabarJune 16, 2022

Discord adds new Twitch-like AutoMod feature to help keep users safe

AutoMod can automatically detect, block, and alert moderators of words and phrases deemed inappropriate before they ever become visible to other users.

By Nathan GraysonJune 16, 2022