The many ‘red flags’ in recent mass shootings

As the debate over "red flag" laws stirs again, here's a look at the red flags from other mass shootings that could have been targeted.

By Aaron BlakeMay 26, 2022

How Uvalde’s elected officials have voted on gun laws

The rural Texas town is represented by Democrats and Republicans with a wide range of views on gun laws

By Amber PhillipsMay 26, 2022

The likeliest — but still unlikely — gun bill: A ‘red-flag law’

It's perhaps the one proposal that seems to have real bipartisan prospects. But Republicans' uneasy handling of it shows how dim those prospects are.

By Aaron BlakeMay 25, 2022

David Perdue’s historically bad comeback attempt

How his 52-point loss stacks up to others in recent years.

By Aaron BlakeMay 25, 2022

Trump’s 30 percent problem

Over and over again, his endorsed candidates in competitive races have taken less than one-third of the vote -- suggesting a limited hardcore base.

By Aaron BlakeMay 25, 2022

4 takeaways from the primaries in Georgia, Texas and elsewhere

Trump tried to make a statement in Georgia. He got drubbed.

By Aaron BlakeMay 25, 2022

How the GOP allows bigotry to be mainstreamed at conservative events

CPAC is defending the appearance of Hungarian talk-show host Zsolt Bayer at its conference in Hungary, where he appeared on the same stage as Donald Trump. It's a culmination of the GOP looking the other way on such things.

By Aaron BlakeMay 24, 2022

Seven primaries to watch Tuesday, while all eyes are on Georgia

All eyes are on Georgia and GOP candidates peddling Trump's false election fraud claims.

By Amber PhillipsMay 24, 2022

The many controversies surrounding Madison Cawthorn

Republican lawmakers normally defend those in their party accused of controversy, but they've turned on Rep. Madison Cawthorn (N.C.) after various controversies.

By Amber PhillipsMay 23, 2022

Biden’s starkest comments yet on defending Taiwan from China

His comments have gradually broken from the established policy of strategic ambiguity. The question is why.

By Aaron BlakeMay 23, 2022

The top 10 GOP presidential candidates for 2024, ranked

Pence edges up the list as he places a big Georgia bet against Trump — one that seems likely to pay off.

By Aaron BlakeMay 21, 2022

Breaking down claims about congresspeople and pre-Jan. 6 Capitol tours

Some Democrats claimed early that these were akin to "reconnaissance" tours. Here's where the Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) revelation fits.

By Aaron BlakeMay 20, 2022

How Trump’s census plot might have cost red states

A new census report shows 14 states were significantly miscounted, which might have cost red states 2-3 seats. A potential reasons: Trump's chaotic attempts to game the system.

By Aaron BlakeMay 20, 2022

Who’ll win in Pennsylvania? Gaming out remaining votes in Oz vs. McCormick.

Breaking down what we know about how this could end.

By Aaron BlakeMay 19, 2022

How the Supreme Court could soon drastically expand the right to carry guns

Here's what's happening with the court’s first major Second Amendment case in more than a decade.

By Amber PhillipsMay 19, 2022

Who is Doug Mastriano, the GOP nominee for governor in Pennsylvania?

Doug Mastriano made denying the results of the 2020 election a central part of his campaign.

By Amber PhillipsMay 18, 2022

Irony abounds on Trump’s bogus voter fraud claims in 2022 GOP primaries

"Human error." Late ballot "dumps" changing who's leading in the tallies. Mail-in ballots deciding the winner. This time, these factors are being treated with less suspicion.

By Aaron BlakeMay 18, 2022

6 takeaways from primaries in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and more

A mixed bag for Trump and the Democrats' left wing, plus electability issues for the GOP in Pennsylvania.

By Aaron BlakeMay 18, 2022