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Text The Washington Post to start your morning with ‘The 7’

Catch up on the news. Get stories delivered straight to your phone.

2 min

Text JOIN to 63706 to learn more and reply with START to sign up.

There’s no need to start the day endlessly scrolling through the timeline for the news. We’ve got you covered.

Sign up for “The 7,” a daily briefing that catches you up on the news in less than three minutes. Now, for a limited time, we’re going to send the day’s most important and interesting stories in a brief text message. Think of it as a simple upgrade to your morning routine.

Every weekday at 9 a.m. Eastern time, we’ll send you a text message with three of The Washington Post’s most important stories and a link to the full “7” briefing. Readers in the United States can text “join” to 63706 and reply “start” to sign up today.

SMS messages are automated and subject to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

This isn’t the first time we’ve offered news over texts. During the Summer Olympics, we provided a once-a-day text message digest to help people keep tabs on the competitions in Tokyo. Some of those who signed up for the digest asked us to offer more services over SMS, like a daily briefing of The Post’s top stories. So, that’s what brought us here — your feedback and support.

How is this different from reading The 7 on the app or in my email inbox?

These text messages have to be short — like you wish all your texts were. Every day, we’ll send three stories (out of seven) with a link to the entire briefing so you can read more. So, each text message is a concentrated shot of espresso to start your day. We hope you get to the full latte, as well.

After a few weeks, the SMS digest will no longer be available, but you can download our app and enable notifications to keep getting “The 7” every day.

Can I ask a question?

Yes, you can. Let us know if you have questions about “The 7” or a specific story in the news. We read every question that comes in and will use them to inform our coverage.

How many text messages will I get?

You’ll receive one message every weekday at 9 a.m. Eastern time. By signing up, you’re agreeing to only receive text messages relating to the daily briefing.

We’re offering SMS support for a limited time, but we hope, eventually, you’ll download The Post’s app. Our goal is to provide this special feature so you can find a place for “The 7” in your morning routine.

What if I want to stop receiving messages?

You can text “stop” at any time to unsubscribe.

Morning routines need to work for you. So, get the news how you want it. The 7 is also available as a newsletter, as audio on The Post’s site and as a push notification on The Post’s app.