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Thursday briefing: What’s next at the Jan. 6 hearings; gas tax pause; monkeypox testing; Westminster Dog Show winners; and more

(Jordan Robertson for The Washington Post)
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The Jan. 6 committee will hold its fifth public hearing today.


There are doubts about President Biden’s gas tax pause idea.

  • What he wants: For Congress to suspend the federal gas tax of 18.3 cents per gallon for three months.
  • Opposition: Democrats and Republicans criticized the idea yesterday. Even White House officials said privately that the pause probably wouldn’t make a huge difference.
  • What else can be done? Not much. Many economists say the only thing that will bring prices down is a general economic downturn.


The Uvalde school police chief was put on leave yesterday.


Two “hellish battles” are happening in Ukraine’s east.


The U.S. is dramatically expanding its testing for monkeypox.

  • What is monkeypox? A rare and sometimes serious disease that causes lesions and rashes. The U.S. has counted 156 cases, but the outbreak is probably much bigger than that.
  • The latest: Commercial labs will be authorized to test for it, the Biden administration said yesterday, which could allow the U.S. to conduct tens of thousands each week.


The NBA draft is tonight, and there’s no clear top pick.

  • Selecting first: The Orlando Magic, followed by Oklahoma City and Houston. There are at least three players in the mix: Duke’s Paolo Banchero, Gonzaga’s Chet Holmgren and Auburn’s Jabari Smith.
  • Player to watch: Holmgren, a highly skilled 20-year-old, whose 7-foot, 195-pound frame both intrigues and frightens NBA teams.
  • Where to watch: ABC and ESPN at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Trumpet the bloodhound won top prize at the Westminster Dog Show.

  • Best in Show: Trumpet was commended for his facial folds and floppy ears, although his handler noted that, at home, he “has a lot of attitude and he’s a little crazy.”
  • Other finalists: Winston the French bulldog was the runner-up, and a silky-haired Maltese named Hollywood won the toy group. (Need more photos? Of course you do.)

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John Taylor contributed to today’s briefing.

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