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Friday briefing: Talks break down at COP27; chaos at Elon Musk’s Twitter; Nancy Pelosi; Taylor Swift; World Cup; and more

(Jordan Robertson for The Washington Post)


Talks at the U.N.’s climate summit in Egypt have broken down.

  • What to know: COP27 is supposed to end today, and countries haven’t made much progress on a new agreement to tackle climate change.
  • A key sticking point: Developing nations, which are often more vulnerable to rising temperatures, want money from rich nations, who are responsible for the most emissions.
  • Why this matters: We’re still on track for dangerous global warming in less than 80 years, unless countries agree to make more drastic changes.


Hundreds of Twitter employees have reportedly decided to quit.


Nancy Pelosi is stepping down as the top House Democrat after two decades.

  • Why? It’s time for a new generation to lead, the House speaker said yesterday. She’ll still be a member of the House.
  • Her legacy: She made history in 2002 as the first woman to become speaker — a role many experts say she has redefined.
  • Who could replace her? Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York is an early favorite.


Closing arguments will begin today in a high-profile Jan. 6 trial.


There’s been chaos over tickets for Taylor Swift’s next tour.

  • What’s happening? Glitches on Ticketmaster’s website left fans stranded for hours, and the company canceled today’s planned ticket sales because there aren’t enough left.
  • The bigger picture: The meltdown has sparked calls to investigate and break up Ticketmaster, which critics say has become a monopoly.


The World Cup kicks off this weekend.


Octopuses may deliberately throw things at each other.

Researchers captured wild Octopus tetricus “throwing” sea debris at one another in what they said could be deliberate attacks. (Video: Peter Godfrey-Smith)
  • How we know: They were caught on camera flinging objects at each other in what could be intentional attacks, a new study found.
  • Why are they doing this? It’s probably to defend their personal space, researchers said. They might be protecting their eggs or simply be angry.

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