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Tuesday briefing: More Ukraine assistance; tornado forecast; Mauna Loa volcano; how to watch U.S. vs. Iran; and more

(Jordan Robertson for The Washington Post)


The U.S. will announce help to get Ukraine through winter.

  • The details: The steps to help Ukraine deal with Russian attacks on its energy infrastructure will be set out today as officials from the Group of Seven nations gather in Romania.
  • Why it’s needed: Russian bombing has left Ukraine’s energy systems on the brink of collapse, with millions of people potentially facing a winter without electricity and heat.


President Biden asked Congress to block a railroad strike.

  • What’s happening? Unions and major freight carriers are struggling to reach a deal over paid sick days and other attendance issues ahead of a Dec. 9 strike deadline.
  • Why it matters: A strike would have huge consequences, affecting food and energy supplies, train travel and even drinking water.
  • What’s next? The House will consider legislation this week to force through a deal that some of the unions recently rejected.


The U.S. was accused of discriminating against Black veterans for decades.

  • What to know: A lawsuit filed yesterday that centers on a Vietnam War veteran claims he was denied health-care benefits and home loan and education assistance by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Why this matters: Advocates say his story is one of many, and this case could determine if the government can be held responsible for systemic prejudices.


A tornado outbreak could hit parts of the South today.

  • Where? The areas between northern Louisiana and southwest Tennessee are the most at risk, but anyone in Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee or Mississippi should be on alert.
  • When will we know more? Tornado watches will be issued later this morning or around lunchtime, and the thunderstorms are expected to start materializing in the late afternoon.


Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano erupted for the first time in 38 years.

Video taken Nov. 28 shows the extent of lava flow from Hawaii's Mauna Loa after it erupted one day earlier. (Video: The Washington Post)
  • What we know: The biggest active volcano on Earth, at the center of Hawaii’s Big Island, started spewing lava late Sunday in its first eruption since 1984.
  • Is it dangerous? Not immediately, officials said. But lava flows could threaten some roadways, and winds might carry volcanic gas and ash.


The U.S. men’s soccer team plays Iran at the World Cup this afternoon.


Climate change is affecting how animals mate.

  • Why? The flashy traits some species use to attract a mate — like the dark, heat-absorbing wings on a male dragonfly — are becoming more energy draining than they’re worth as the world warms.
  • The big picture: Animals aren’t adapting fast enough to keep up with climate change. But in the long run, changes in what counts as “attractive” could be critical for species survival.

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