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Thursday briefing: Railroad strike deal; student loan relief ruling; Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie; Spotify Wrapped; and more

(Jordan Robertson for The Washington Post)


Congress is moving to head off a potentially devastating railroad strike.

  • What to know: The House sent two bills to the Senate yesterday — one that would force through a controversial deal with freight companies and another that included paid sick days, a big sticking point.
  • What’s next? The Senate’s timing is less predictable, but without a deal, unions could strike as early as Dec. 9.
  • Why this matters: A strike would have huge consequences, affecting food and energy supplies, train travel and even drinking water.


An appeals court kept the student loan forgiveness program on pause.

  • What to know: Yesterday’s ruling is the latest legal setback for President Biden’s plan, which would forgive up to $20,000 in federal student loans for millions of people.
  • What now? The court still needs to issue a full ruling on the issue, and the Biden administration has already asked the Supreme Court to weigh in.


Gas prices could drop below $3 a gallon by Christmas.

  • What to know: Filling up now is as cheap as it was in February, just before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
  • Why is this happening? It’s not necessarily a good sign. Demand for gas is falling as countries prepare for an economic downturn, among other factors.
  • What else? The U.S. central bank may slow its interest rate hikes, starting this month, because of signs that inflation is slowing down.


Iran is trying harder to kill and kidnap people around the world.


Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter Christine McVie died yesterday.

  • How we’ll remember her: As a writer on some of the rock band’s biggest hits, like “Don’t Stop” and “Everywhere,” which she brought to life with co-vocalist Stevie Nicks.
  • McVie was 79 and died after a short illness, her family said. Fleetwood Mac hit superstardom in the 1970s and 80s, and their 1977 album “Rumours” sold over 40 million copies.


The British royal family is caught in another racism controversy.

  • What happened? Prince William’s godmother badgered a Black British guest at Buckingham Palace with questions like, “Where are you really from?” She resigned her honorary palace role yesterday.
  • The big picture: The royal family has run into accusations of racism before, including with their treatment of Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.


Spotify Wrapped season is upon us.

  • What to know: The streaming service’s annual review of your listening history lets you find out — and share — just how many minutes you spent jamming to that one song.
  • Who’s on top? Bad Bunny, one of Latin music’s most recognized voices, was the most streamed global artist for the third year in a row. His music had 18.5 billion streams this year.

And now … speaking of Spotify Wrapped, The Post created its own fun version. Plus, try this workout if you’ve been sitting a lot this week.

John Taylor contributed to this briefing.

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