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Friday briefing: Trump indictment; Finland’s NATO move; Gwyneth Paltrow verdict; severe storms; Final Four schedule; and more

(Illustration by Katty Huertas/The Post)


Former president Donald Trump has been indicted by a New York grand jury.


Finland took a big step toward joining the NATO military alliance.


Severe storms are expected today across the central U.S.

  • The forecast: Thunderstorms, destructive winds and the potential for tornadoes. The risk is especially high in parts of Tennessee, Arkansas, Iowa and Illinois.
  • What else? The risk area stretches from Mississippi to Wisconsin and includes the same areas hit by last Friday’s deadly tornadoes.


Millions of people will start losing Medicaid coverage tomorrow.

  • Why? Another pandemic-era policy is going away. People on the public health insurance had been allowed to keep it throughout the pandemic, regardless of state qualifications or limits.
  • Tomorrow: Five states will begin cutting off people who no longer qualify. Other states will follow between May and July.
  • Why this matters: Experts expect a bumpy transition and that 6.8 million people who still qualify could mistakenly lose benefits.


A jury ruled that Gwyneth Paltrow wasn’t to blame for a 2016 ski collision.

On March 30, a jury ruled that actress Gwyneth Paltrow was not liable for a 2016 ski collision in Utah. She then briefly interacted with the man who sued her. (Video: Reuters)


The Final Four is this weekend in women’s and men’s college basketball.


Your idea of what the T. rex looked like is probably wrong.

  • How? The dinosaurs had lips that covered their teeth, a new study found. With lips, they would have looked more like Barney and less like the bare-toothed monsters from movies.
  • The big picture: Our ideas about what dinosaurs looked like have changed dramatically as scientists have dug up new evidence.

And now … what to watch this weekend: The new “Dungeons & Dragons” film is in theaters. What to read: 10 books to check out in April.

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