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Friday briefing: Debt ceiling talks; Trump’s classified documents; Stewart Rhodes; Ken Paxton; Clean Water Act; and more

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A deal to prevent a catastrophic U.S. debt default is emerging.



Trump workers moved boxes of papers a day before an FBI visit.

  • Where? At Mar-a-Lago, former president Donald Trump’s Florida home. It happened in June, before FBI agents came to retrieve classified documents, The Post reported yesterday.
  • Why it matters: It could help prosecutors determine Trump’s intent in keeping hundreds of documents after he left the White House — a key factor in deciding whether to file charges.


The longest Jan. 6-related prison sentence yet was handed down yesterday.


Texas lawmakers recommended impeaching Attorney General Ken Paxton.

  • What to know: A state House committee backed the move in a vote yesterday. It sets the stage for the potential ousting of the state‘s top lawyer.
  • Why? It’s largely over Paxton’s alleged efforts to protect a donor from an FBI investigation and block staff whistleblower complaints.
  • What’s next? An impeachment vote is expected soon.


The Supreme Court weakened the government’s power to protect wetlands.

  • How? It cut back the EPA’s ability to enforce the Clean Water Act. In a ruling yesterday, justices said the agency’s interpretation of its powers went too far.
  • What it means: It could stop the EPA from putting protections on as much as 118 million acres of wetlands — an area larger than California’s landmass.
  • Up next: More key Supreme Court decisions are coming this term. Follow the cases here.


Scientists discovered 5,000 sea creatures nobody knew existed.

Video taken from the Clarion-Clipperton Zone at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean shows a variety of previously unknown sea species. (Video: ROV Isis, SMARTEX Project, Natural Environment Research Council, UK)
  • What are they? They include species that look like partially peeled bananas and upside-down chandeliers, and octopuses named after Casper the Friendly Ghost.
  • How they were found: By a new analysis in a potential deep-sea mining hot spot in the Pacific. Mining it may threaten other undiscovered creatures, the research warned.


Memorial Day weekend will kick off a busy summer travel season.

And now … what to watch this weekend: Disney’s new version of “The Little Mermaid” is in theaters. Plus, hit HBO drama “Succession” ends Sunday.

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