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The Trailer: The Parent Trap: Republican see a winning issue in Virginia, while Democrats see a ruse

Virginia's battle of extremes, a member-on-member clash in West Virginia, and a GOP victor in Iowa talks about why he won.

The Trailer: ‘Voter depression’: In a Florida special election, Democrats are ready to give Biden an earful

The final special election of the year shakes up South Florida, a powerful liberal retires from the House, and a NASCAR driver named Brandon starts hearing his name in unexpected places.

The Trailer: Andrew Yang's got a new political party -- and he wants to change how we vote

Andrew Yang joins the third-party movement, ballot measure advocates mobilize in the states, and conservatives double down on the schools issue in Virginia.

The Trailer: In New Jersey, a Democratic governor runs against the ‘Trump Team’

The battle for Trenton, a party intervention in New York, and why one of the people shouting questions at Kyrsten Sinema thinks the media is all wrong about how it looks.

The Trailer: So long, swing seats: Gerrymandering is already shrinking the midterm map

The slow death of the swing seat, debate echoes in New Jersey and Virginia, and a boom market in anti-Kyrsten Sinema PACs.

The Trailer: The endless audit: Where Republicans go next after Arizona's ballot review confirmed Biden's win

The end of the Arizona ballot review, deja vu in Virginia, and three words that some Republicans are no longer scared to say.

The Trailer: Liberals were ready for a spending fight with Republicans. They got one with Democrats.

The one-sided fight over the Biden agenda, a liberal alliance forms in Rhode Island, and Arizona gets ready to release the results of an election that ended 324 days ago.

The Trailer: A socialist beat the mayor of Buffalo in a primary. He's still running.

In this edition: Democrats versus socialism in Buffalo, six easy steps to steal the presidency, and liberals get organized in Hawaii.

The Trailer: Five takeaways from California's recall -- and they're not all good for Democrats

Lessons from California, election results from Boston to Des Moines, and a Republican case for gerrymandering in Ohio

The Trailer: Here's what to watch as Californians vote whether Newsom stays or goes

Election day in California, final scenes from the recall campaign trail, and special elections from Boston to Des Moines.
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