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The Trailer: California Republicans lose the bear – and some momentum for the Gavin Newsom recall election

California's recall campaign begins, a Black Lives Matter proposal resonates in a special House race, and Virginia Republicans get ready to pick their nominees.

The Trailer: In New Mexico, Democrats work to prove their Texas rout was a fluke

A suburban House battle in New Mexico, some Democratic debacles in Texas, and a bear roams the California campaign trail.

The Trailer: For Arizona Republicans, 2020 isn't over

The recount that wouldn't die, a Republican talks about his recall bid in California, and Texas's special House election comes to a close.

The Trailer: Big Census, small changes: The next decade's political map explained

New census numbers explained, the origin of a viral (but not fake) immigration photo, and a win for the Democratic establishment in Louisiana.

The Trailer: A Texas free-for-all, as twenty-three candidates battle for a swing House seat

In this edition: A 23-way election in Texas, how Republicans answer the “did Trump win” question, and the final days of the Louisiana runoff.

The Trailer: Cops vs. Krasner: A fight over criminal justice reform in Philadelphia

The battle over criminal justice reform in Philadelphia, why Andrew Yang keeps leading in New York polls, and Florida Democrats being Florida Democrats.

The Trailer: Worried incumbents, MAGA celebrities, stingy corporations: Winners and losers of the first fundraising quarter

A first look at the fundraising quarter, a guide to the growing number of Trump administration think tanks, and candidates pile into swing state Senate races.

The Trailer: Less talking, more spending: How Biden’s avoided a 100-day slump

Joe Biden’s political invisibility, Donald Trump’s 10:30 p.m. mind-set, and John Boehner’s retirement love letter to the GOP.

The Trailer: The war on wokeness is reshaping GOP campaigns

Why Republicans are bashing corporations, what happened in Tuesday's elections, and what Hunter Biden has to say about 2020.

The Trailer: Democrats are bracing for primary fights. Does the left have a plan?

The left's primary strategy gets a reboot, an election in Wisconsin could be a proxy fight about schools, and a Florida Democrat's death starts another special election.
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