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The Trailer: In three swing states, abortion bans could be on the midterm ballot

Why abortion bans will be on the ballot next year, a Republican dilemma in Massachusetts, and the Chinese phrase that's taken the right by storm.

The Trailer: The Omicron Yawn: As a covid variant looms, Republicans run harder against mandates

Republicans blow off the omicron variant, retirements weaken the Democrats ahead of 2022, and a lawsuit tries to halt Florida's special congressional election.

The Trailer: 'We can win in any state': Republican governors expand their map after Virginia victories

Republican governors get excited about 2022, the campaigns to audit Wisconsin's 2020 vote keep multiplying, and Biden struggles to grab Build Back Better's coattails.

The Trailer: Democrats say Build Back Better can save them. Does their data back that up?

The Democrats' 2020 autopsies get an update, two red states give the GOP a redistricting bonanza and a Texas Democrat switched parties.

The Trailer: From Biden to Brandon: the boom in anti-Joe merch

The anti-Biden boom economy, a made-for-TV 2024 feud, and a whole lot of machinations over new congressional districts.

The Trailer: After Virginia, Republicans see more ways to beat the left

Republicans see blue skies ahead, the strategy behind Glenn Youngkin's winning ad campaign, and election overtime in Florida and New Jersey.

The Trailer: Five lessons from the GOP’s good election night

In this post-election edition: Five ways that electoral politics changed Tuesday, the worst poll of Joe Biden's presidency so far, and the start of a war over congressional maps in Ohio and North Carolina.

The Trailer: Election Night 2021: What to watch, where to watch, and when

An hour-by-hour guide of what to watch, the final polls and ads in key races, and what that Charlottesville tiki torch stunt was all about.

The Trailer: Not just Virginia: From county to county, an off-year battle for the suburbs

A preview of Tuesday's battle for the suburbs, cash flows in nest week's special elections, and why “IRS snooping” is going to be a 2022 campaign ad mantra.
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