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In this edition: Why nobody’s afraid of Joe Biden, what’s happening in today’s Delaware and New Jersey primaries, and how Mount Rushmore entered the veepstakes.
In this edition: Why Republicans didn’t fret about a QAnon win in Colorado, how Trump-friendly media hunts for Biden gaffes, and what changed after Tuesday’s primaries.
Lauren Boebert is the owner of a gun-themed restaurant who battled the city and state over coronavirus restrictions.
In this edition: A primary day guide, the aftermath of Kentucky’s elections, and the effects of an abortion ruling on the 2020 race.
In this edition: The X-factor Trump doesn’t have in 2020, the muted reaction to the latest Obamacare lawsuit, and new diversity numbers from the presidential candidates.
In this edition: Myth-busting the Tuesday primaries, the next moves for a very happy left, and the Democratic convention gets even more virtual.
The next generation of black candidates has rallied around down-ballot races to try to shape the Democratic Party.
In this edition: A guide to today’s primaries, new ads from very different races, and how New York’s most famous member of Congress protected her seat.
In this edition: The scene from Tulsa, a new/old Trump ad strategy, and a poll that might have predicted this weekend’s problems with getting voters out for a rally.
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