Touchnote Postcards
Send cards in a snap

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and — let me guess — you’ve forgotten to get a card for that special someone. Touchnote is there to keep you out of the doghouse. If you don’t have the time to run to the store for that perfect card, you can make personalized postcards with this app. You can take photos with your camera (or from your phone’s existing photo albums), type a message and fill in the address from your contacts. Sending the card will cost $1.49. You can pay with PayPal, your debit or credit card, or you can buy credits from Touchnote in bulk for minimal savings. Touchnote doesn’t offer the same amount of customization as Apple’s Cards app — nor does it include an envelope — but beats Apple’s price per card ($2.99-$4.99). Free, for Android devices, iPhone and iPad.

— Hayley Tsukayama