Airports and the TSA say they are prepared for crowds, but the border crisis could impact wait times as agents are redeployed.

The former Alexandria City Council member is viewed as a unifying figure after Jack Evans’s tenure.

The shutdown, which began Saturday and lasts through Sept. 8, closes every station south of Reagan National Airport.

The comments came as U.S. regulators hosted aviation authorities from around the world in Texas to discuss the process for returning the aircraft to the skies.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan says Evans should resign from the board.

The closure of six stations south of Reagan National Airport will affect an estimated 17,000 riders daily.

Three people died and 65 were injured when an Amtrak train entered a curve at twice the posted speed in Washington state.

A proposal before the D.C. Council would give some residents the authority to issue tickets, a concept that has been tried in other cities.

Adrian Harris, 26, of Waldorf, was struck just before 5 a.m. in the southbound lanes of Route 301 at Rosaryville Road, in Upper Marlboro.

Local leaders say the idea is worth exploring, but they will need to convince Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan.

Uber's IPO celebrations were boozed-filled benders that and occasionally got out of control, hearkening back to the company's culture under ousted CEO Travis Kalanick.

The District is among several U.S. cities studying congestion pricing as a way to reduce traffic and raise money for transit. It’s a tough sell.

A new law governing minor offenses in the transit system needs a fix, officials said.

Christian Richard Martin has been a pilot for American Airlines subsidiary PSA Airlines since January 2018.

However, support is uneven in the Maryland suburbs, and most residents regionwide say they are concerned about tolls being too expensive.

The council appears likely to deny the mayor’s budget request for $3.1 million to extend the elimination of the $1 fare.

Author Natasha Tynes publicly shamed a black Metro employee for eating on the train. Now people are criticizing her for shaming the woman and attempting to get her fired.

Repairs will close both northbound lanes of the parkway between Chain Bridge Road and the Capital Beltway.

Starting May 25, six Blue and Yellow line stations will close for the system’s longest-ever shutdown.

Platform work will close six stations and mean at least 107 days of aggravation for riders.

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