The long-awaited leasing program for the Model 3 comes with a twist: Consumers can’t buy the vehicle at the end of the lease.

The Sierra Club's annual guide to buying plug-in electric vehicles provides a user-friendly quiz to help you identify possible vehicles to buy.

The District is also planning a possible expansion of the speed and red-light camera program.

Transit system wants companies interested in 8000-series deal to promise to spend money in region.

A British tech company, Fuel Matrix, said knowing passengers' weights would allow airlines to take on the exact amount of fuel needed, thereby increasing efficiency.

People drive very little after dark — and yet that's when most drivers and pedestrians are killed in traffic accidents.

Kevin C. Reigrut had overseen the state’s tolling facilities at the MdTA since January 2017.

Peter van der Waart was chosen to resolve conflicts with Maryland’s transit agency.

In 1969, a Connecticut train wreck made history. It has taken almost five decades and $10.5 billion to find a solution.

They’re heads you lose and tales of things that have turned up in Metro’s Lost and Found.

Maryland transit officials said they’ll move the pipe but will continue work on a nearby facility.

Operator says the front-wheel braking force was too strong.

Security footage showed the man tapping at the edge with his cane, and then plunging.

A plan by Virginia and Maryland lawmakers reflects worry over state-subsidized competition and cyberespionage.

But only for a visit, as officials from an Ohio public transit agency spread the word about zero emissions.

The structures that support the Dulles Airport Metro station’s glass wall are cracked and lack proper reinforcement.

Nearly 1,500 properties along the Beltway and I-270 would be “directly affected,” meaning they would lose parts of backyards or other land, either permanently or temporarily during construction.

Nearly 20 years after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks led to calls for more secure forms of ID, the clock is ticking down on the Real ID.

Former United Airlines passenger David Dao said he "just cried" when he first saw the 2017 video footage showing him being dragged from the plane.

The suit is one of several expected in the aftermath of the Ethiopian Airlines crash.

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