The crash occurred along a stretch of Route 50 where other people have been killed while crossing.

Wing, FedEx and Walgreens team up to send packages by air to customers’ front lawns.

Boeing officials failed to turn over the text messages to federal officials until this week.

A bipartisan measure, backed by MADD, would require auto makers to install alcohol-detecting technology in all new cars that would prevent impaired drivers from operating them. Such technology has been under development for at least 10 years and safety advocates say the time has come to put it to use.

The Maryland governor says the contractor will work around the clock to expedite work on the westbound span.

Uber and Lyft chose not to send representatives to a congressional inquiry aimed at examining their safety and labor practices.

Md. officials say they’re working to reduce delays, but local leaders say their ideas are ignored.

The Reston shuttles have completed 15,000 rides and offer a glimpse of a possible self-driving future.

Even supporters of Gov. Larry Hogan’s traffic relief plan say delaying the Beltway’s expansion will backfire.

Staff at the FAA didn’t learn key details about a faulty feature until it was too late, an expert panel says.

The agency is looking for ways to account for human error.

After early inspections find problems, the FAA is trying “to better understand the factors that led to the formation of the cracks.”

A San Francisco Bay Area power utility shut off power to more than half a million customers amid a wildfire threat, and Tesla vehicles flashed a warning to charge up beforehand.

Investigators say a Metro train operator didn’t have the necessary go-ahead from control center

Safety officials have struggled to keep up with the deluge of billions of electronic devices travelers are carrying.

Americans have taken millions more rides on public transportation this year. Is it the start of a trend?

“I don’t want to be the guinea pig. I don’t want my husband to be the guinea pig,” said a Silicon Valley resident.

A major repair project is scheduled to cause traffic delays for two years.

The problem, unrelated to the 737 Max, “could adversely affect the structural integrity of the airplane and result in loss of control of the airplane,” FAA says.

A Florida man was arrested for allegedly cutting the brake lines of electric scooters. Nearly 140 scooter incidents have been reported since April.

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