A recent flight to Maui took an unexpected turn as things went from weird to weirder to OH, MY GOD, WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?

Before the wheels lifted off the runway at Oakland International Airport on Friday, Hawaiian Airlines Flight 23 hit some . . . emotional turbulence, when more than a dozen passengers received what appeared to be a photo of a macabre crime scene: a lifeless body, facedown, surrounded by dried blood spatter, bullet casings and evidence markers. Terrified, the passengers alerted airline personnel to the “threatening” photo — which turned out to be from a teenager's forensic science project, according to reporting from the Mercury News.

A 15-year-old girl had tried to share the image with her mother via AirDrop — an iPhone file-sharing method that uses Bluetooth to share photos with nearby devices — but also made it available to nearby passengers by accident. The plane had already began taxiing, but the pilot returned to the gate after being notified of the photos, delaying the flight an hour and a half while the incident unraveled. The girl and her mother were questioned by Alameda County sheriff's deputies but were cleared of any crime. Sgt. Ray Kelly, a spokesman for the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, said the girl and her mother were extremely embarrassed, and that he'd never heard of anything like this happening on a flight, the Mercury News reported.

"Given the circumstances, everyone did the right thing,” Kelly told the Mercury News. “The girl had good intentions, but other passengers saw it as a threat. People were being highly vigilant.”

Ultimately, the girl and her mother were booked on a later flight — which might have been for the better, given what followed.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight 23 would eventually take flight Friday, bearing 256 passengers and 10 crew members. As it glided over the Pacific Ocean, people started complaining about a strange stink spreading throughout the cabin. Midway through the five-hour flight, several passengers began to cough, holding shirts over their mouths, according to tweets from one passenger, Lisa Sakimura, who narrated the entire affair once the plane landed. People called for help and begged for air.

As passengers gasped and cried, attendants hustled people toward the back of the plane, believing the source to be near the first-class cabin, according to Sakimura's tweets. Passengers were given wet napkins to cover their mouths. A baby choked and vomited, said Sakimura, who did not immediately respond to a tweet seeking comment.

The passengers were trapped with the noxious odor for nearly two hours, until the plane was cleared for an expedited landing and touched down safely in Maui, according to reporting from Hawaii News Now. Officials discovered the mysterious contaminate was a leaky 1.5-ounce can of pepper spray in a passenger's luggage. Bringing pepper spray in a carry-on is illegal, but this canister somehow made it through security at the airport in Oakland.

"We know what the cause is,” a firefighter reassured the rattled passengers in a cellphone video taken after the emergency landing. “Everyone is okay."

First responders treated 15 people for respiratory issues and have released all of them, Hawaiian Airlines told Hawaii News Now. Local police and the Transportation Security Administration are still investigating the case and have interviewed the owner of the canister to see how it got through security. According to TSA, the passenger could be fined $1,960 for bringing the pepper spray aboard.

The airline apologized for the hullabaloo and compensated passengers with a $500 credit.