A man traveling through Reagan National Airport was detained by Transportation Security Administration officers Sunday after he was caught at a security checkpoint with a loaded gun, pepper spray and a multi-tool that included a knife in his carry-on bag.

All the items are prohibited from being carried through airport security checkpoints.

Robert Ryan Stokes, 50, of Landsdowne, Va., was cited by airport police on state weapons charges. According to TSA, his .380 caliber handgun was loaded with 13 bullets — including one in the chamber. He also had two magazines for ammunition.

This is the 12th time this year TSA officers have caught a gun at one of National’s checkpoints. In 2017, TSA officers caught 13 guns at the airport’s security checkpoints.

According to TSA officials in 2017, 84 percent of the guns caught at security checkpoints were loaded; 77 percent were carried by men.

TSA can assess civil penalties of up to $13,000 for travelers who bring weapons to airports. A typical first offense for carrying a handgun into a checkpoint is $3,900.