Potholes along the Baltimore-Washington Parkway in Maryland are causing troubles for vehicles on the heavily traveled road.

On Tuesday, two incidents related to potholes were reported along the parkway. Brad Freitas, a local traffic reporter, gave a description of driving on the parkway’s southbound side near Route 32. He called it “like driving on Swiss cheese.”

And on Monday, at least two vehicles were on the side of the road with tire problems and that followed another traffic-created problem along the stretch of road that is riddled with potholes.

The National Park Service is expected to fix the slew of potholes along the parkway, and there’s a bigger plan to do more resurfacing this fall. To deal with the potholes for now, officials lowered the speed limit along parts of the B-W Parkway.

The speed limit has been lowered to 40 mph from 55 mph along the parkway between Routes 197 and 32. The parkway is one of the busiest routes in the area, carrying about 125,000 vehicles a day. It’s one of the biggest commuter routes between Baltimore and Washington, and there are several big employers along it, including NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport and the National Security Agency at Fort Meade.

Potholes have hit the D.C. region particularly hard this year as the temperatures have swung repeatedly from freezing to thawing, which makes for ideal, pothole-making conditions.