A bear — yes, a bear — was struck and killed Tuesday morning along Interstate 66 in Manassas, Va.

The incident happened about 2:36 a.m. in the highway’s eastbound lanes near the Manassas rest area, Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said.

Geller said a call came in about a report of a “dead animal” and the state’s Safety Service Patrol division responded and “confirmed the animal was a bear.” No vehicle was at the scene, but it appeared the animal had been struck, Geller said.

It’s not uncommon, wildlife experts said, to see bears in the Washington metro area.

In fall 2018, a black bear was spotted near the Belmont Country Club and Ashburn Village in Loudoun County, Va. A video showed the bear walking through light snow and around a car outside a home. It later goes back through the yard and past a white picket fence.

Earlier that year, in spring, a 100-pound black bear was spotted along Route 15 in Frederick, Md. And in fall 2017, a black bear was seen in the Centreville area of Fairfax County.

“Animal strikes, especially deer this time of year, are very common on all highways in Virginia," Geller said Tuesday, adding, “there are too many drivers who won’t stop when they hit other people on the road, let alone an animal.”

If you’re the driver who hit the bear on I-66 this morning, we would like to talk with you. Please reach out to dana.hedgpeth@washpost.com.