Members of a transit union have approved a worker contract at a Metrobus garage in Northern Virginia, formally ending an 82-day strike and setting the stage for the return of regular service on several bus routes that had been canceled by the work stoppage.

Nearly 130 bus operators, mechanics, technicians and other employees at the Cinder Bed Road bus garage in Lorton voted “overwhelmingly” in favor of the collective bargaining agreement with Transdev, a multinational transit provider contracted by Metro to operate the garage, according to the transit union.

Workers plan to return to their jobs Friday, where they will undergo route retraining.

“Full bus service will likely be restored sometime early next week,” the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689 said in a statement late Thursday. “Our members are looking forward to seeing their passengers again.”

The strike began Oct. 24 and led to the cancellation or curtailing of 18 routes, most of them in Northern Virginia, that are managed from the garage.

A contract between Transdev and the workers was tentatively approved Tuesday, and union officials said it includes regular wage increases, sick leave, paid time off and improved medical benefits. The contract lasts just another year, as Metro plans to fold the garage into its regular operations and workforce.

The garage had been the only part of Metro’s main bus or rail service that had been outsourced for cost savings. But months of protests from union members pushed Metro General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld and union President Ray Jackson to negotiate a way to end privatization in any of Metro’s main services on Dec. 10.

Wiedefeld said Thursday he expected the transit authority to take over operation of the Cinder Bed Road garage as soon as Transdev’s three-year contract ends in 2021.