Burbank airport tower: Helicopter 2EX, Burbank tower. Burbank altimeter: 30.19. Burbank Class Charlie Surface area is IFR; say intentions.

Helicopter N72EX: … Maintain special VFR. Transition on the 101 westbound.

Burbank tower: Helicopter 2EX. Hold outside Burbank Class Charlie airspace. I have an aircraft going around.

Helicopter N72EX: 2EX, holding.

Five seconds later

Burbank tower: It’s going to be a little bit. I have a citation on a niner mile final and then go around that I just had … is going to be turning base to file in about three minutes.

Helicopter: Okay, we’ll continue holding. 2EX.

Burbank tower: NEcho2Ex, and for your planning purposes, you can expect to transition to the north side of the airport. I just spoke with Van Nuys [airport] on the line, and they’ve got multiple IFR departures coming off of runway 16, so you can expect to follow the 5 north and cross that way.

Helicopter: 2Ex. No problem.

[Three seconds later.]

Burbank tower: 317P Burbank tower. You can expect a few minutes; I got a special VFR helicopter I need to get to transitioning. He’s been holding for about 15 minutes. … Northwest, follow the 5 Freeway. Maintain special VFR, special VFR conditions at or below 2,500 [feet].

Helicopter: Maintain special VFR at or below 2,500 [feet], [follow] I-5 northbound. 2EchoX.

Burbank tower: Number2EchoX, roger, and you’re cleared to Burbank Class Charlie surface area from the southeast to the northwest.

Helicopter: Copy that. We’ll maintain special VFR. Copter 2Echox.

Burbank tower: Actually, for your transitioning to Camarillo [Airport], did you just want to follow the 118?

Helicopter: 118, and then we’ll loop around Van Nuys to catch the 101. NEchoX.

Burbank tower: 2Echox, roger.

Burbank tower: NEchoX, continue following the 5 northwestbound to join the 118, and then Van Nuys will work you through. Radar service is terminated. Remain that squawk. Contact Van Nuys Helicopters. 11Niner.O.

Helicopter: 2EchoX. Switching to Van Nuys [airport tower].

Helicopter: Van Nuys. Helicopter 2EchoX, we are currently with you for the special VFR transition. We are currently at 1,400 [feet].

Van Nuys airport tower: Helicopter 2EchoX, Van Nuys tower. Wind calm, visibility 2½. Ceiling 1,100 overcast. Van Nuys altimeter’s 30.16. Cleared into Van Nuys Class Delta, northeast of Van Nuys along the 118 Freeway westbound. Advise when you’re in VFR conditions or when you’re clear of the Van Nuys Class Delta. Transition when you’re at or below 2,500 [feet].

Helicopter: 2EchoX-ray. Advise in VFR condition, and then we stay on the 118. We’re currently at 1,400 [feet], and we have 0235.

Van Nuys tower: Helicoper 2EchoX, thank you. And once you’re clear of Van Nuys Delta, did you want to talk to SoCal?

Helicopter: Affirmative. 2EchoX.

Helicopter: Tower for 2EchoX-ray, can we start go ahead and turn toward the southwest for the 101?

Van Nuys tower: Helicopter 2EchoX-ray, approved, and are you transitioning in VFR conditions?

Helicopter: VFR conditions, 1,500 [feet]. 2EchoX.

Van Nuys tower: Helicopter 72EchoX, thank you. Contact SoCal now 134.2 for flight following. 34.2.

Helicopter: 34.2. NEchoX

[3 minutes 54 seconds into the recording is the last communication recorded from the pilot.]

SoCal air traffic approach control center: EchoX-ray, ident[ification]?

[Three seconds.]

SoCal center: EchoX-ray, yeah, you’re following the 1200 code. So you’re requesting flight following?

[Five seconds.]

SoCal center: 2EchoX-ray, where, say intentions.

[Two seconds.]

SoCal center: 2EchoX-ray, you’re still too low-level for a flight following at this time.

[Five seconds.]

SoCal center: 2Echo X-ray, SoCal.

[Last dispatch recording is recorded at 4 minutes 28 seconds.]

SOURCES: LiveATC, a website that captures air-traffic control recordings, and VASAviation, an aviation communications YouTube channel.