Passengers at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport captured a bizarre scene Thursday afternoon: two officers subduing an unruly passenger in an altercation that ended in the man being stunned with a Taser and arrested.

A video filmed by a bystander begins with two officers pointing stun guns at a man.

“What is this for? You’re going to do something with this?” the man asks one of the officers, before taking a swing at him.

After a few seconds, another officer who was behind the man Tasers him in the back. The electric, buzzing sound of the stun gun can be heard in the video, and passengers gasp.

“Oh, my God,” someone in the crowd says.

Over the next 90 seconds or so, officers appear to struggle as they try to restrain the traveler. Another passenger moves toward them to help. One of the officers says the man is reaching for one of their weapons, prompting more passengers to jump in to try to restrain the man face down on the tile floor near the airport’s B5 gate.

Footage shows officers repeatedly asking the traveler to put his hands behind his back, then finally pulling out handcuffs as several passengers help hold him down.

The traveler was identified as Jerome Toson Jr., according to local TV station Fox 4. The altercation began after Toson pushed an airline employee, Fox 4 reported.

“I was hoping they would just subdue him and that would be it,” traveler John Huston, who captured the footage, told Fox 4 reporter Macy Jenkins. He told Jenkins that before police arrived, the suspect pushed a female employee.

Toson is being held at the Tarrant County Correction Center in Fort Worth and is facing numerous charges, including resisting arrest, attempting to take a weapon from an officer and assaulting a peace officer.

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