Streets in downtown Washington and along the Mall will be closed Sunday and possibly part of Saturday for demonstrations that are expected as protesters continue to call for an end to racial injustice following the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis.

It is the second weekend in a row that streets in the downtown area will see closures, as daily protests continue into a third week. Officials warned drivers to expect delays and to use alternative routes.

In the downtown area, the closures will be south of L Street NW, roughly between 18th and 12th streets NW. South of E Street on and near the Mall, the closures roughly extend to Independence Avenue SW between 17th and Third streets.

Streets will be closed Sunday from 4 a.m. until about midnight. On Saturday, intermittent closures in that area are possible from 6 a.m. to midnight. Vehicles will be allowed for essential business or traveling to and from a residence.

D.C. police said “multiple First Amendment demonstrations” are scheduled in the city both days this weekend. Officials have said they don’t know how many people to expect during the weekend demonstrations because the grass-roots protests have no central organizer.

Last Saturday, more than 10,000 people poured into the nation’s capital during protests over police brutality. It was the largest demonstration in the city after the killing of Floyd on May 25.

Police released a detailed list of street closures. Some of the closures include the following areas:

  • Constitution Avenue from Pennsylvania Avenue NW to 18th Street NW
  • Pennsylvania Avenue from Third Street NW to 15th Street NW
  • Pennsylvania Avenue from 17th Street NW to 18th Street NW
  • Indiana Avenue from Sixth Street NW to Seventh Street NW
  • Jefferson Drive SW from Third Street SW to 14th Street SW
  • Madison Drive NW from Third Street NW to 14th Street NW