A Delaware man was cited by officials at Reagan National Airport on Thursday after he was caught with a loaded handgun at a security checkpoint, authorities said.

Transportation Security Administration officers said the man was carrying a 9mm handgun loaded with 20 bullets in his carry-on. TSA officers alerted Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority police, which confiscated the weapon and questioned the man.

Officials identified the man as Rodney A. Norris II, 33, from Smyrna, D.E. Norris told authorities he had been at a shooting range the previous day and forgot to remove the gun from his bag. This is the fourth time this year TSA officers have detected a gun at a National Airport checkpoint.

The same day, a Henrico County, Va., man was cited by authorities after he was caught with a 9mm handgun loaded with 12 bullets at a security checkpoint at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport. That man also told authorities he forgot he had the loaded gun with him. The man, whose name also wasn’t immediately available Friday, is the second person to be found with a gun at a BWI security checkpoint in 2021.

Both men were cited and could face federal civil penalties, including fines that could run into the thousands of dollars depending on the circumstances.

Last year, TSA officers caught 3,257 firearms on passengers or their carry-on bags at checkpoints, even as the number of passengers screened at checkpoints fell by 500 million compared to 2019, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic. That translated to 10 firearms per million passengers, compared to about five firearms per million passengers in 2019.

Of the guns caught by TSA in 2020, about 83 percent were loaded.