Metro officials will expand late-night bus service and restore service on selected routes throughout the region starting June 6.

The additions are part of an effort provide more frequent, reliable service as riders across the region begin to return to Metrobus.

Beginning June 6, Metro will extend operating hours until 2 a.m. on more than 35 of its busiest routes in the District, Maryland and Virginia.

In April, Metrobus ridership on weekdays averaged about 180,000 passenger trips each day. The service changes, which will affect more than 60 routes, will bring Metrobus operations to 85 percent of what they were before the coronavirus pandemic, Metro officials said.

Here are the routes that will be affected:

Starting June 6, service will run through 2 a.m., seven days a week on these routes:

In the District: 32, 33, 36, 38B, 52, 70, 80, 92, A6, A8, G8, H4, L2, P6, S2, U5, V2, W2, W4, X2

In Maryland: A12, C4, D12, F4, J2, K6, P12, T18, Y2, Z8

In Virginia: 1A, 7A, 10A, 16E, 23B, 28A, 38B

Service is being restored to pre-pandemic levels on the following routes:

In the District: 60, W3 (Saturday)

In Maryland: C29 (Saturday)

Weekend service is being restored on this route:

In the District: 62

Weekday service is being restored on the following routes:

In Virginia: 18J, 23B, 23T, 26A, 28F

New or extended routes to increase AM/PM rush-hour service will take place on these routes:

In Maryland: C26

In Virginia: 11C (New), 17K, 21C (New), 22F

Adjustments will be made on the following routes to improve service and reliability (Note: check timetables for updated schedule information):

In the District: 30N, 30S, 32, 36, 64, 96, A2, A4, M4, W3, W5

In Maryland: D13, D14, G12, G14

Another change: Beginning July 10, the Fairfax Connector will take over operations of five Metrobus routes — 3T, 15K, 3A, 29C, 29W. The shift is designed to restore and provide enhanced service to key areas in Fairfax County, with connections to the McLean, East Falls Church, West Falls Church and Pentagon Metrorail stations. The routes are as follows:

  • Fairfax Connector Route 703 (formerly Metrobus 3T)
  • Fairfax Connector Route 715 (formerly Metrobus 15K)
  • Fairfax Connector Route 803 (formerly Metrobus 3A)
  • Fairfax Connector Route 834 (formerly Metrobus 29C)
  • Fairfax Connector Route 835 (formerly Metrobus 29W)