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By The Way
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Introducing By The Way, a new digital travel product from The Washington Post

(Illustrations by various artists for The Washington Post)

You’re on vacation, harried and hungry from sightseeing, so you grab your smartphone to find the perfect place to eat. As you walk in, the tables are full and the walls are dotted with seemingly authentic touches. But as you sit down, you quickly realize that everyone is just like you: a tourist. You’re not in a local hangout at all.

That’s where By The Way comes in, The Washington Post’s new travel destination and weekly newsletter for travelers who want a true local experience in the world’s most popular destinations.

We’ve tapped trusted local journalists and authors in 50 cities around the world to guide you through their favorite neighborhoods, places to eat and things to do, as well as offer advice to make sure you fit in. You have already been to the Louvre; we will tell you why the Palais de Tokyo is the next museum in Paris you should visit.

Our hometown writers revealed their city’s best-kept secrets — places to get a carajillo (coffee cocktail) in Mexico City, how to spend a Sunday like a local in a Barcelona plaza, and where to eat in Austin beyond the Tex-Mex and barbecue joints.

We’ll also keep you up to date on travel news and trends, so the next time a certain budget airline strands passengers, you’ll know the best way to get home as fast as possible. Travel is changing, and we will give you the tips you need to succeed on your journey. So next time, you’ll leave that jar of peanut butter at home before TSA confiscates it.

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Subscribers told us they wanted more travel coverage and we listened. You’ll get a newsletter every Thursday afternoon with local favorites from a city, news you can use and a community with which to share your travel experiences. We’ll even let you vote on which cities we feature next in our newsletter. And, of course, you’ll also find us on Instagram (@bytheway).

So come along with us. There’s more to see.

Amanda Finnegan, Editor, By The Way

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