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This hotel launched a $295 room service menu just for making YouTube videos

(Courtesy of The W Hotel; Washington Post illustration)

With the advent of YouTube came the birth of niche online video content most of us didn’t see coming — or at least liking. Case in point: mukbang, online videos that feature a person (or multiple people) taking down massive amounts of food on camera.

The trend got its start in South Korea nearly a decade ago, and it has since gained mainstream popularity worldwide. The videos get very specific, and very big, views. For example, the Oct. 21, 2017, video from YouTuber suellASMR “*No Talking* ASMR Burger King WHOPPER 🍔🍟 Mukbang 먹방 French Fries & Chicken Fries” has well over 25.6 million views.

A pizza from the Sip and Slurp mukbang menu at the W hotel. (Courtesy of the W Hotel)

Normally relegated to filming in bedrooms, kitchens and other personal confines, mukbang video-makers are now being seen by the hotel industry. As of this week, the W Hotel in the District of Columbia is offering guests an in-room mukbang-making experience, complete with a phone stand and microphone attachment so guests can properly record the magic.

W Hotels announced the offering with a mukbang video from “Queer Eye” star Antoni Porowski, which feels more like a promotional spot for the hotel than your average mukbang video.

“Making a mess, but it’s okay 'cause it’s room service! I can do what I want. I’m an adult,” Porowski says in the video.

For $295, guests can binge on foods like iron-skillet-served cherry pie, burgers piled with cheese, surf and turf, martini glasses full of dips, charcuterie boards, carrot cake towers, and XL crispy french fries, among other foods. The menu was designed to hit a lot of mukbang musts, such as featuring foods with textures yielding ASMR-friendly chomping noises (pickles) or dramatic bite imagery (melty cheese).

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