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VIDEO | Where to get the best carbonara in Rome

How one Roman chef earned the title of ‘king of carbonara’

When Roman chef Luciano Monosilio was 26, he started to cook carbonara at the restaurant where he would go on to earn his first Michelin star, Pipero al Rex. Approaching the traditional dish with the precision of a fine-dining chef, Monosilio acquired the unofficial title of king of carbonara.

Today, at his own restaurant, Luciano Cucina in Rome, Monosilio remains deeply focused on the world of pasta, so much so that he built his own production facility to make it fresh and dry. At Luciano Cucina, his carbonara doesn’t have any secrets, but it has two peculiarities: its use of pasteurized eggs and guanciale (or cured pork jowl) with a cinnamon aftertaste.

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