Alisa Sickora Kleckner doesn’t have your average side hustle.

When she isn’t designing and making costumes, masks, puppets and other theatrical materials, she’s exploring historical landmarks in hopes of observing paranormal activity. Because she’s been officially investigating locations for only about a year, she identifies as a “novice ghost hunter” who’s still wrapping her head around what she believes in.

Kleckner’s approach to so-called ghost-hunting is distinctive because she doesn’t carry too much equipment. Her average peers on television travel with devices such as electromagnetic-field detectors, thermal-imaging cameras that detects heat and other high-tech gadgets. But Kleckner shows up to a location with just a few items she can carry in her purse. Much of what she packs is more for her comfort, such as allergy pills and mosquito repellents, than for finding and documenting the presence of potential paranormal activity.

In fact, Kleckner isn’t concerned with proving the existence of ghosts at all.

“I’m not searching for proof to share with the world,” she says. “I actually have just questions for myself. And I want to be open to a plethora of potential answers to those questions.”

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