Getting antsy? Try quarantine bingo!

The classic game has long kept kids entertained during family road trips. Here are two versions for sheltering in place.
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In pre-pandemic times, which seem like another eon, you could pack up the family for a multistate road trip and keep the kids entertained with travel bingo. Your offspring would peer out the back-seat windows and mark off bingo card squares as they spied, say, a farmhouse, a service station or a police car (hopefully not one pulling you over for ignoring that speed limit sign they also spotted a few miles back).

Our worlds may have gotten smaller as we shelter in place and venture out mostly for essential services or exercise close to home, but we can still have that travel bingo experience. Below are cards for both indoor and outdoor versions of the game.

Download and cut out the cards, or take a photo on your phone and mark off the sights you see using your photos app or Instagram or Snapchat. Happy rambling!

(Marissa Voo for The Washington Post/For The Washington Post)
(Marissa Voo for The Washington Post/For The Washington Post)

Elizabeth Chang edits travel and wellness content for the Washington Post, where she has also worked as magazine editor, copy editor and occasional writer. Illustrations: Marissa Voo for The Washington Post. Design: José L. Soto.

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