With most travel on lockdown until further notice, the best people can do to cure their wanderlust is plan or window-shop for future trips. According to the data, they’re doing a lot of it.

On Google, Pinterest and booking app Hopper, users are searching for destinations, trip ideas and, above all, clarity: Perhaps unsurprisingly, Americans’ biggest travel-related query is when international travel will resume.

It’s a good question without a good answer. The State Department is still issuing a “Level 4: Do Not Travel” global health advisory, urging U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel. That recommendation has been in place since mid-March, and with the world still battling the coronavirus pandemic, there are no signs officials will back off it soon.

In the meantime, our fantasies live on. Here’s what travelers are searching for.

According to Google

The top U.S. travel searches on its platform from April 1 to May 11 read like a globetrotter’s sad pandemic monologue: "can you travel during shutdown,” “will we be able to travel this summer,” “when will it be safe to travel again,” “where to travel during covid,” “when is it safe to travel again.”

Meanwhile, after “when will flights resume” — and “how much shroom to trip first time” — the top Google searches for flights and trips were about the Maldives. (As of Wednesday, the small island nation had reported 904 confirmed cases of covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Your amazing Maldivian vacation can wait.)

The third, fourth and fifth most popular searches were regarding flights to and from India. The next top destinations? Sweden, Antarctica, Poland and Switzerland.

According to Pinterest

Always an aspirational social media tool, the platform allows users to find inspiration, collect ideas and share content, and it launched new features to help with travel planning, too.

But when the coronavirus pandemic hit, user activity shifted.

“In the early phases of the outbreak, Pinners put traveling on hold to focus on needs close to home,” Swasti Sarna, Pinterest insights manager, said in an email. “But in April, future optimism began to take hold as searches for ‘travel ideas’ and ‘travel destinations’ started to climb back up.”

Sarna reviewed Pinterest’s travel-related activity, comparing searches from April 20 to May 3 against searches from April 6 to April 19. Her research shows Pinterest users can’t wait to leave town with loved ones. “Travel family” searches were up 78 percent over the previous period, while “friends traveling” was up 74 percent.

“Pinners are dreaming about going to the beach this summer,” Sarna said, with “beach trip packing list” searches more than doubling and “beach trip with friends” searches up 81 percent.

Pinterest users also are more interested in taking road trips. “Road trip with kids” and “healthy road trip snacks” searches have doubled since April, and searches for “road trip games” are up 50 percent. The standout road-trip destination searches included South Dakota — home of Mt. Rushmore and Badlands National Park — Colorado and Oregon.

According to Hopper

Hopper economist Hayley Berg crunched the app’s data to find out its most popular destination searches from April 1 to May 12.

Outside of the states, the top five searched slots belonged to San Juan, Puerto Rico; Cancun, Mexico; London; Paris; and San Jose, Costa Rica. Domestically, the top-searched travel destinations included Las Vegas, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Miami and Denver.

Unlike the Maldives, some of those U.S. destinations may feel within reach for a road trip vacation. But keep in mind health experts are discouraging all travel at this time.

“My advice would be: Please err on the side of caution,” said Robert Quigley, who holds a PhD in immunology and serves as an executive at International SOS, a medical and security services company.

For now, daydreaming (and the occasional sad search) will have to do.

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