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Hallmark Christmas movies are like Mad Libs, so we made one for you

Fill in the blanks and build your very own cheesy holiday travel movie

You only need to watch a handful of cheesy holiday movies to quickly realize they all follow a formula: Guy or girl with a “big city job” learns to slow down, finds love and the true meaning of Christmas along the way.

There’s usually a travel aspect, too — someone’s returning to their very adorable hometown, stuck in an airport, running a ski lodge or checking into a bed-and-breakfast, all things we would love right about now. The more Team By The Way talked about these movies, the more we realized they are just like Mad Libs. Plug in names, places and professions, and poof, you have a movie.

So if you are stuck at home this holiday season, we created a Hallmark movie Mad Lib so you can DIY your own with friends and family at home or from afar.

Print or screenshot the form below to fill out your own. Share it with us on Instagram by tagging @bytheway.

Art direction by Christine Ashack

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